Grand Launch of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Many muggles were dressed regularly and were there to get their hands on the most wanted book, but some squibs wanted to look full wizards so they came wearing cloaks and pointed hats and with wands in their hands. Many muggles wanted to look like Wizards so they bought the hats and the broomsticks made out of balloons. Though they looked funny, they were the ones who stood out. And it was their passion for the books that made the event so much more interesting.

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Throwback: Five Favorite (Free) Novels!

I’m the kind of reader, maybe most of you know, who is extremely picky. I’m judgmental and I’m not proud of it. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get past even the first chapter of the book, if the first paragraph doesn’t hook me.
So, if I like a book, then there is a fair chance for you to like it as well!

(A Throwback post from September of 2013) – My Top Five Wattpad Novels

How to Fight Writer’s Block

If you’re a writer (any sort), and if you’re like me, you would experience writer’s block all the time. Sometimes, you wouldn’t want to write. Sometimes, you wouldn’t want to even look at your writing. Sometimes, you wouldn’t be able to write nicely. But let’s get past that. Through my personal experience and through the interaction with many published authors, I came up with three ways by which you can fight your Writer’s Block!

Interview with Kevin Tumlinson!

“Write every day, even when it sucks, and you will get better. And when you have a daily writing habit, you’ll never know what it means to have “writer’s block” or to lack inspiration or to be stuck on a blank page. You’ll have the habit of writing ‘even though.’ That’s what real writers do.” – Kevin Tumlinson