December 2014 — First massive ebooks giveaway.

December 2014 — Got admission in Uni.

November 2014 — Fresh start!

March 2014 — Started Heart-Colored Envy on Wattpad

February 2014 — Her Majesty (Undying series) reached 1000 downloads.

September 2013 — Changed Let It Fall’s story line entirely.

September 2013 — Established this blog.

December 2012 — Finished first novel (Dreams) for free on Wattpad. Gained much popularity.

November 2012 — Started The Undying (short story series) with Her Majesty.

September 2012 — Started writing Let It Fall

June 2012 — Joined Wattpad, and started off with writing Fan fictions for practice.

June 2012 — Started writing.

1st November 1995 — Came into being. 😛


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