Refreshing Mushayera by Zau (A Literary Magazine) at the University of Karachi

“Mujhko Darr hai Kaheen Khamosh na Karde Mujhko.

Hai Meri Zaat k Andar jo ye Kauhram Abhi.”
-Johar Mehdi

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Madness or Brilliance – POEM (First Draft)

They will label it as madness.
Trust me they just don’t understand.
But bear it in mind as brilliance.
Madness Brilliance will make you grand.

What a Tragedy

A tragedy, when a mature mind and a romantic heart are in the same body. -Niza Qabbani.

A poem…by Munazza Bangash following this concept.

A Proud Mother With No One Left

Behold her eyes burning through tears. In place of him is now his gun. Her heart sinks whatever comes near, for she has lost her son. Along she works for everyone, who’s fatherless like her grandson. She takes nothing but gives and gives. And cares for everything that’s his. No wonder none’s as proud as…

In between—(A shot at poetry)

Would she ever get past dusk? Would she ever get past nights? Stuck midway is she hanging. Half up, half down, creeps and frights… Watches as he turns around. Recalls how she was a queen. Struggles but now she is bound. She knows she’s stuck in between. Up high she sees the white clouds. Down…

Shelter [Demons (ImagineDragons) Re-make]

I fell face first when I was two. My mother caught me; made me smile through blue. I remember her brown and caring eyes. Feeling secure, I rose my wings high and flew. This is the shelter that everyone talks about. This is the safety that you are nothing without. No matter what we think,…