Interview With Nick Thacker!

Today, we have with us Nick Thacker, the author of The Golden Crystal, The depths, and many more. Read on to know more about him! ❤


Interview with Kevin Tumlinson!

“Write every day, even when it sucks, and you will get better. And when you have a daily writing habit, you’ll never know what it means to have “writer’s block” or to lack inspiration or to be stuck on a blank page. You’ll have the habit of writing ‘even though.’ That’s what real writers do.” – Kevin Tumlinson

Interview: Michael La Ronn

“My philosophy on life is to do work that matters to you—far too many people just coast through life and never realize it until they wake up one day and realize they’ve done nothing with their lives.” -Michael La Ronn

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Five Tips to the Best Interview Ever!

Preparing for your next interview to be taken? Is the person being interviewed a bit too famous? Afraid you’re gonna make a fool of yourself?

Read me and find out five useful tips to make your interview to be the best.

Want to be the best, most original interviewer? Look nowhere else.

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