What’s “Importanter”? – #GrammaticalConfessions – Throwback!

​You know that disease when you lose all your creativity after you’re done with your exams? Yeah, send me the Get Well Soon bouquets. 

So, I was scrolling down my blog and found this. I sometimes wonder about myself. 

So here you go! I hope I continue this series and bring you more of this, I enjoyed reading it after so long.

Hope you like it!

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new series on my blog which is Grammatical Confessions! In this series we will talk about some of the mistakes people make and then proudly put them up on the internet.

To make a grammatical mistake is one thing, but to make a grammatical mistake and be proud of it. That’s a whole new level of asshole.

Disclaimer: I, by no means, am an expert of English Language. I’m in my learning phase, and English is my third language. I make mistakes as well, but I thought it’d be a fun idea to do this series. I hope you enjoy it!


 Img source: Google.com

I can not begin to describe the number of things wrong with this picture. I think this was written by a thirteen year-old girl who thought pedophiles were sexy. I don’t know! That’s the image I see at the moment.

I think, ma’am, what you meant to say was “more important”, not “importanter”. I mean, okay, I get it, you were probably making a point of how education is not important and biceps are the “importanter” thing in the world, which (mind you) are going to sag once you get “more old” (but that doesn’t matter). What matters is that you have big biceps.

Or should I say “BicAAps”. Right? Screw “big”. We’re eliminating words here, people, and in order to do that, we need to create new words. So, we won’t be saying “big biceps”, we’d be saying “Bicaaps”. 

Lady, you need to understand one very important thing. It’s not necessary to know grammar, it’s “necessarier” to not let Grammar Nazis see the incredible stunts you’re pulling.

To conclude, I just really hope they were being ironic, or sarcastic, or whatever the hell people like to be these days, and it was not a mistake. Because that would be awkward.

Just a quick Writing 101:

  • To keep it simple, end words with “er” or “ier” that have one syllable. (E.g, nicer.)
  • If you have two syllables, they will also require “er” or “ier” (if the words ends in ‘y’).  (E.g, prettier.)
  • If you have multi-syllable words, use “more”. (E.g, more importantly.)

Just remember, that there is always an exception with words. English is a complex language, and not every rule apply to every single word. For example, “clear”, when used to compare can be called either “clearer” or “more clear”. But I believe grammatically “clearer” is correct, but since it’s so mouthful, people tend to use “more clear” more often.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed today’s post! If you would like to see more in this series, make sure to “like” and leave a “comment”.

Thank you for stopping by!
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