Previously: August 2016 – Makeup looks, what I’m watching, reading, listening to, behind the scenes, updates and more!

So, last night it was the 1st January of 2012 and now it’s almost the September of 2016? What the hell is happening?
Seriously though. Time is flying. Literally – I threw the clock out of the window and currently it’s in the air.
Excuse me, I’m off my pills today.

This month, I stopped beauty blogging. Yes. I stopped. It was taking up a lot of my time and it affected my studies, my personal life and my passion; writing. So, ever since I’ve left beauty blogging (although I miss it) I have been giving more time to writing my short story series, and I’m studying more.

Personal Life:
For many of the personal reasons, I have been very stressed for a few months now and this month it all intensified a bit too much, for I was afraid that I was going to go into depression. But Alhamdolillah I fought and I can say that I’m doing my best to see the positive side of every situation, and I’m trying to stay happy and not let the past invade my present and affect my future.

What I learned:
It’s okay to open up to someone you trust; a best friend or a companion. Sometimes, it’s okay to pour your heart out and let them know what you feel on the inside. You don’t always have to carry the burden alone.

Study Chaos:
I am actually having a great time at the university. I spend most of the time in library and study. It’s true; having a good company of friends can improve your overall performance.

About the New Year Resolutions:
Resolution: Still working hard on the “I will stay positive in every situation”, it’s harder than I thought.
Writing Goals: I finished writing the first draft of “For You”. It’s all going good. As for the blog, weekly updates are going great. I have been attending more events and covering them all for you guys.
Reading Goals: I’m reading Dawn news everyday. *Yay me!* Oh, and about those twelve books to be read… I’m reading Harry Potter again. Don’t judge me!
Beauty Goals: I have cut down on junk food. I exercise daily, and I have been taking an hour walk everyday. I’m surprised at myself. I’m taking very good care of my skin, as well. *tears*
Education Goals: “Hahaha” about completing Hilgard’s Intro to Psychology (Let’s just cut that one off!), but I have been giving more time to my studies and I’m actually performing better. Also, believe it or not, I’m thinking of conducting a research on Depression. You will know when it happens.
Makeovers by MB: I actually got around 10 makeovers done this month, and dolled up a model for my page.
Check out the looks posted this month later in this post.

The Undying Series:
I completed a short story in this series; For You, this month and OMG I was about to cry in the end. I can’t wait till this book is finished and I can let you guys read it!

What I’m Watching:
I’m watching Welcome (A bollywood movie) and laughing to every dialogue.

What I’m Listening to:
Somebody to Lean On! But I have a question, what is the relationship between firing a gun and needing somebody to lean on? Except the terrible rhyme.

What I’m reading:
Harry Potter! As always. 😀

This Month At the Studio:

August Catch Up:

Throwback: How to Interview like a Pro!

I’m here to demonstrate the five easy tips to the best interview ever!
Click to read!

Independence Day Celebrations at The University of Karachi! – Pakistan 14th August

We are the future of this country, and although we call ourselves “free”, we really are still the slaves of the people who control us to destroy this country. Free your heads of all the rubbish and set your priorities straight.

Refreshing Mushayera by Zau (A Literary Magazine) at the University of Karachi

“Mujhko Darr hai Kaheen Khamosh na Karde Mujhko.
Hai Meri Zaat k Andar jo ye Kauhram Abhi.”
-Johar Mehdi
Click to read more about the event and Zau – a Literary Magazine.

Interview With Nick Thacker!

Today, we have with us Nick Thacker, the author of The Golden Crystal, The depths, and many more. Read on to know more about him!❤

And that’s a wrap for this month!❤

Munazza Bangash

Makeovers by Munazza Bangash
Munazza Bangash

Munazza Bangash

Munazza Bangash

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