Interview With Nick Thacker!

Today, we have with us Nick Thacker, the author of The Golden Crystal, The depths, and many more. Read on to know more about him! ❤


Say something about yourself. Something about your inner life.
My “inner life” is not really different than my “outer one” – I’m a pretty simple guy who likes to write but doesn’t have enough time, wants to be successful but enjoys video games and beer more, and generally tries to make the best of the cards he’s been dealt. That said, I’ve been dealt some pretty awesome cards! An amazing family, an odd assortment of animals, and a place to call home!

The best moment of your life? Apart from your writing career.
Probably my kids’ birthdays, aside from my marriage.

Biggest lesson you’ve learned in life so far? What is your philosophy of life?
I have a pretty simple three-part philosophy of life that’s helped me quite a bit so far: 1. Love God 2. Take care of your crap (or another word…) 3. Leave a legacy.

What book are you reading at the moment? Tell us something about it.
I’m reading But What if We’re Wrong by Chuck Klosterman. It’s a great premise (“what if 500 years from now almost everything we thought we ‘knew’ was wrong?”), but it’s a little heavy on the impressive-sounding verbiage, and less so on the important stuff.

What books and authors have influenced your writing the most?
James Rollins, Matthew Reilly, Dan Brown, Andy McDermott.

When did you first consider yourself a writer? What was that particular incident?
It had to be the moment I started to see sales come in for The Golden Crystal. I remember thinking, “hey, if I can get a few hundred thousand more people to buy this thing, I’ll be in business!”

Did you ever think that this is what you wanted to do with your life when you were younger?
Absolutely not. I hated writing growing up, because teachers made me write about what they wanted me to write about. I sort of fell into it after reading countless amounts of thrillers and thinking that I could do at least as well (I was wrong – it’s hard!).

Where do you write? Show us your desk but don’t clean it up.
Ok, you asked for it:
(I do some music stuff too, so I’ve got a full dedicated machine for that, and enough gear to make any touring musician happy).

Do you have to do anything to get into the zone when you write? Where do you get your ideas from?
It takes me fifteen minutes sometimes to “get in the zone,” but my Inception playlist on Spotify moves things along nicely. My ideas are really just reworkings of things I’ve read in other books.

What’s your favorite from your own works? Please share an excerpt from your writings.
Wow, this is impossible to answer! I like moments in every one of my stories, but if I were to try to choose, I’d inevitably start trying to “fix” it even more!

Do any of your stories feature you as a character?
Not in the sense that I’m the actual character, but there’s a piece of me in every character I write – I think that’s the only way to make a character seem real enough to want to read.

What’s your number one secret about writing? Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? A message?
Writing sucks, and I don’t know anyone who actually likes it. But get through that feeling, trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid to rework and rewrite, then show the world!

Please suggest us an author for our next interview.
How about Justin Sloan?

Thank you so much for being with us. Hope you had a good time!

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