Refreshing Mushayera by Zau (A Literary Magazine) at the University of Karachi

A friendly advice; Always say yes to the friend who wants to take you to a literary gathering.

“Mujhko Darr hai Kaheen Khamosh na Karde Mujhko
Hai Meri Zaat k Andar jo ye Kauhram Abhi.”

-Johar Mehdi

On Thursday, 18th August, my friend Sarah Khan and I visited the department of English for an event hosted by Zau. (Scroll down to read more about the magazine.) It was a mushayera. Since I’m a huge fan of my national language (Urdu) and its literature, I was actually looking forward to it. The seats were arranged in a sophisticated manner by the crew of the magazine in a classroom, and there were a number of people who seemed to enjoy being there.

The event started with the name of Allah and by recitation of the Qur’anic verses, followed by a few words from the owner of the magazine, Baqar Mehdi, and then some teachers, like Sir Faisal, Sir Iftikhar Shafi, and the chairperson of the departement of English – Madam Farhana, shared their thoughts on literature and the magazine, and left with lots of well wishes.


And the Mushayera began. Many poets came with their poems and shared with the audience. It included Baqar Mehdi, Rabab Naqvi, Arfa Aizazi, Zain Ali, Johar Mehdi, Mr. Momin, Sir Iftikhar Shafi, and more.

“Wo log gardish-e-ayyam ko badal denge
Ragon mein waqt k dorainge jo lahu ki tarha”

-Johar Mehdi

“Janiye kitne shab-o-roz sanwar jate hain
Unke chehre pe jo halka sa tabassum aya.”

-Baqar Mehdi

It was time for the Guest of Honor, Mir Ahmed Naved – The Shair-e-Khusoosi. He shared with us his poems, his experience and insisted the audience on asking him questions related to literature, and was more than happy to answer anything from the audience and to give as much insight to the listeners as he possibly could.

“Karo Khatm Jhagra, nasha apna apna
Khudi apni apni, khuda apna apna”

-Mir Ahmed Naved

“Barsa wo abr-e-Wasl k boondo k shor se
ta dair mere dil mein ajab tharthari rahi.”

-Mir Ahmed Naved

After the mushayera came the refreshments and a display of all the issues of Zau Magazine. I had a great time. The event itself and the influential poets inspired me to write more. It was an event worth attending, and I’m looking forward to see more from them.

Zau is a bilingual, literary magazine started in 2013 with a successful 16th issue to date, self-powered by the youth of Pakistan, the students of the University of Karachi. The main names of the magazine include; Baqar Mehdi, Arfa Aizazi, Rimsha Arif, and Rida Mazhar.

“We were a small bunch of writers…friends. We started writing, and gradually more joined in with us.” -Baqar Mehdi

They have several different activities like Mushayeras, literature clubs, fortnightly meetings, Sukhan, and much more! A new website will be launched soon, says the owner, Many writers from Pakistan as well as USA, India, Philippine, and UK write for this magazine.

“We invite all writers to join hands with us, so that we can create a community of writers which can contribute to the critical and intellectual evolution of our society.” -Baqar Mehdi.

They also told us in a quick interview how they are looking for artists to make this magazine a literary + Art magazine. They want especially designed covers for the future issues of Zau.

You can join Zau on their Facebook Page, Zau – A Literary Magazine.

I’m already a fan! Have you heard about Zau?

Munazza Bangash

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Munazza Bangash

Munazza Bangash

Munazza Bangash

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