Independence Day Celebrations at The University of Karachi! – Pakistan 14th August

Assalam o alaikum, my friends! A very happy independence day to all of you. Today I’m going to share with you my experience at the University of Karachi this year on this very special day. I visited as many departments as I could and finally I have gathered some real content for you guys to get an idea of what it’s like to live the independence day at the University of Karachi!

But before diving into this post I would like to send  a message to my brothers and sisters. We are the future of this country, and although we call ourselves “free”, we really are still the slaves of the people who control us to destroy this country. Free your heads of all the rubbish and set your priorities straight.
We call this an Islamic Republic of Pakistan, let’s make it look like the Islamic Republic. Let’s make Allah proud. Just saying that we love Pakistan and not taking a step towards its betterment is just lying to ourselves.
The least we can do is keep this country clean. Just because others don’t do it, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. Just try to keep clean and make sure your friends do too. That’s really the least we can do. We’re educated, and we’re Muslims; it’s half of our Eemaan to keep clean. So, let’s take the first step towards being a better Muslim and a faithful Pakistani.
We are the youth. It should be our aim to prove that this generation is more educated and literate than the last one. Even though this generation has more degrees, but the most educated illiterates reside in this generation. And I am not proud to be a part of it.
I promise myself; if I can’t clean the country, at least I won’t become the problem. If I can’t pick up the wrappers, at least I wouldn’t be the one throwing them around.

I really have so much more to say, but I know the youth of this country; we prefer entertainment to education, and fantasy to honesty.

Okay, I’m sorry for getting emotional. Blame my father who poured all this love of this country into my heart. Let’s get to the celebrations!

Every year, each department of Karachi University shows incredible enthusiasm on the independence day. This year our Mass Communication assignment was to cover the celebrations. So we went around the whole university and gathered some great images, and to give it the final touch, our teacher made it into a beautiful movie. And you can watch it here! CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH IT.

And here are some of the pics that I clicked.


2 thoughts on “Independence Day Celebrations at The University of Karachi! – Pakistan 14th August

  1. Assalamu alikum.. happy independence day to you as well! I just gave my living room a Pakistani makeover.. I hope you will like that and thanku for sharing the experience 🙂

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