Grand Launch of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The most pre-ordered book of 2016; Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


J. K. Rowling, the author of the seven novels of Harry Potter series, now comes with the eighth edition in collaboration with Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. Jack Thorne is said to be the sole writer of the play script which is based on an original story by all three of them. It was launched on 31st July 2016, and I was one of the luckiest who got to attend the event at Dolmen Mall, Clifton, hosted by Liberty Books.

When I entered Dolmen Mall with my friend Umaima Mehtab from Dudettes Talk, I saw #PotterHeads everywhere! Many muggles were dressed regularly and were there to get their hands on the most wanted book, but some squibs wanted to look full wizards so they came wearing cloaks and pointed hats and with wands in their hands. Many muggles wanted to look like Wizards so they bought the hats and the broomsticks made out of balloons. Though they looked funny, they were the ones who stood out. And it was their passion for the books that made the event so much more interesting.

The setting was beautiful; there were books stocked up and at display, there was a quiz and upon answering three questions the winner got a Harry Potter themed gift, an area was secured for everyone who wore Harry Potter related costumes, a stall full of themed cupcakes, and for each category there was a huge line in waiting.

It was grand, for when we entered and heard the Harry Potter music, there were goosebumps all over me, and a chill ran down my spine. That was the moment when I realized how in love I am with the Harry Potter series! To be honest, it was a blast I had and loved every single bit of it. I can’t wait to give this a read and let you guys know what my thoughts are about the book.


After done, we headed up to the food court and ordered Mayo Garlic fries from OPTP. (They were heavenly, and now I crave more.) Then we went into the gaming area (Sindbad) and gave some independent time to the child inside us. It really was a day well spent.

Make sure to let me know if you were able to attend the event, or if you’ve got your hands on the book, or how much you would like to give it a well deserved read?

~Munazza Bangash


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