How to Fight Writer’s Block

This post was inspired by Kevin Tumlinson’s interview on this blog!

If you’re a writer (any sort), and if you’re like me, you would experience writer’s block all the time. Sometimes, you wouldn’t want to write. Sometimes, you wouldn’t want to even look at your writing. Sometimes, you wouldn’t be able to write nicely. But let’s get past that. Through my personal experience and through the interaction with many published authors, I came up with three ways by which you can fight your Writer’s Block!

First, this might sound cheesy, and you might have heard it like a thousand times, but that’s probably because it holds that much importance. Write everyday. Make everything you write a practice for you, even the text messages, says Mr. Tumlinson. There might be days when you just don’t want to write, or have no time. There is always a reason. But those are the days when you need to convince yourself to write. Write crap. But write. And that’s when you realize that you don’t suffer from Writer’s Block anymore.

Second, this is a tried and true method. Set an everyday word goal for yourself. It can be a hundred words or a thousand words. Write more than your goal, but punish yourself when you don’t accomplish it. Also, having a deadline motivates really good. Do that.

Last, Focus on one thing at a time. By “one thing at a time” I mean; one thing at a given moment. If in this moment you’re focusing on your novel, focus entirely on it. Get rid of distractions. You don’t need to see those notifications. Give your undivided attention to a cause, and you’d be surprised how much power you hold within.

Quick Tip: Read a lot. I’ve heard it does wonders. *Winks*

That is it for today! Please share with me your ideas and thoughts to block the Writer’s Block. I would love to hear from you!

Till next time!
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