May 2016 – what I’m watching, reading, listening to, chaos, a lesson, behind the scenes, updates and top posts!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog and to this month’s update!

Personal Life:
I lost my wallet with my CNIC, Debit card, admit card and money in it. It was the worst. I had my exam that day. Read more about it here.

What I learned:
Worrying and overthinking won’t change the future. Stop making it hard for yourself.

Study Chaos:
Yesterday was my last paper. I can’t believe how fast this semester went by but I’m just happy that it’s over and that I can go back to my normal routine. These exams have disrupted my life! I have gain a lot of weight (because I’ve been overeating during exams and sitting on my butt all day). I look like a sack of potatoes! Also, I haven’t been able to update the page and the blogs frequently; I feel so lost!

About the New Year Resolutions:
It’s almost been half a year, stop expecting me to be perfect. *Flips the table over dramatically*

The Undying Series:
*Hides in the corner and cries for hours.* I’m a loser.

What I’m Watching:
Yup! Still watching Supernatural ❤

What I’m Listening to:
.I’m back in my Qawwali phase, you guys!

What I’m reading:
Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual.

May Catch Up:

Grammatical Confessions: What’s “importanter?”

To make a grammatical mistake is one thing, but to make a grammatical mistake and be proud of it. That’s a whole new level of asshole


Throwback: Why Do You Write?

Why do you write, they ask. And I wonder what exactly they want to hear. Because, I know that it’s a matter of time before they start asking follow up questions, like, “When do you write?”, “How do you write?”, “What has it done for you?”, “What role does writing play in your life?”, and so on.

So, my question as an answer to this is, “How can you not write?”


Chaos of Life: Exams Have Disrupted my Life, and I Lost my Wallet!

What do you do when right before entering the examination hall you lose your wallet? You write a post about it!


And that’s it for this month’s update! If you’ve made it this far please give this a thumbs up, and leave a comment because that always makes me smile.

What goal did you guys accomplish this month?:)

Till next time!
Munazza Bangash


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