Chaos of Life: Exams Have Disrupted my Life, and I Lost my Wallet!

What do you do when right before entering the examination hall you lose your wallet? You write a post about it!


Yes, I lost my wallet. I had my CNIC in it, my debit card, my admit card (which I thought I did) and money. The only thought I had about the money? I could have bought a lot of makeup with it. The only thought I had about the debit card? Oh, my baby was brand new! And the only thought about the admit card? Oh crap! I have exam in 15 minutes, and I need my admit card.

I would say one thing, I have forgotten my admit card almost every day as it was needed for the documents to be asked for, the roll number (It’s a complicated, jumbled series of numbers and alphabets.) was stuck into my head for the number of times I had to ask for the person’s roll number who sat before me. That helped me with the paper, but guess what this clumsy girl did! I had the previous semester’s admit card with me in the wallet. Okay, I’m happy I didn’t lose it and all, but gosh Mona! Can you be more clumsy? You had your exam that day and you took last semester’s admit card. Way to go, soccer-head!

Yes, I talk to myself.
No, I’m not crazy.
Well, I’m a psychology student, so half-crazy.
Moving on!

Guess what happened? I placed my wallet by my side, (I was in a Rickshaw.) and a van driver (while on the road) called out to me saying that you dropped something. We turned the rickshaw around and the driver said that he saw another rickshaw driver pick up something. We searched that area first to make sure, well it was stupid move, because the one who had picked up my wallet wasn’t to be found after that.

What the hell? FML.

Anyway, the exam went great, minus the part I was dead worried about the wallet, thanks for asking. Oh, and I cancelled my previous debit card and ordered a new one, I found my original admit card in my documents, and my CNIC is being looked for. If it isn’t found within 2 days, I’ll report it to the police and cancel my CNIC, which means more khwari (more work).

But, the day has passed and I learned one very important thing. Whatever it is, it’s gonna happen. Quit worrying about it. That won’t change anything.

*Secretly laughing at myself*

K bye!


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