Mind = Lost :- Beliefs! (Throwback)

Wonder why I’m ranting today? Because I’m off the pills.

Just kidding.

But, I wanted to rant today for some reason. *Winks* Oh, well, “some” reason, you know?

Anyway, I’m not the kind of person who complains on every single thing, and compares everything with something else, and I don’t always blame others and implement what I feel on them. And at the same time, I hate people who actually do that.

For example, if I called you to a party at my home, and you didn’t come, but I see you at a party next day at our friend’s house, I’d probably ask you why you couldn’t make it, because I’m always sure that there has got to be a reason behind everything. Each and every thing shouldn’t be taken personally because, let’s face it, the world doesn’t revolve around us. As much as you want to feel like a celebrity and make your self sure that whatever happens, you’re the center of it, that’s not the case!

First of all, our personalities shouldn’t be clingy so that people actually like hanging out with us. If we’re good, everyone else will respect us. And the option is then ruled out that people didn’t attend the party because they disliked you. That should never be an option.

So what if that person, no matter how close to me, didn’t make it to my party? CHILL. There must be a reason. Why is that such a big issue? I mean, even if there wasn’t a reason and the person just wasn’t feeling like it, I wouldn’t stop talking to him! You can have an opinion but the other person can’t? You can implement your views on someone else, projecting your thoughts on them, and they can’t even have their own thoughts?

Way to Go!

Do you get what I’m saying? Why does a person think that whatever he’s is thinking of is right? Or whatever he believes in is right. And why does he think that his beliefs should be followed by everyone else? Not going into religion, because that’s another topic. I’m talking about opinions. Why is difference in opinions a cause of disconnection now a days?

Please, please, please, please, STOP! Stop discriminating. Stop projection. Stop everything. Well, not literally…

This is all so uncoordinated. But when I rant, I rant like so. Sue me.

Tell me what you hate most when YOU’RE off the pills? 😛


One thought on “Mind = Lost :- Beliefs! (Throwback)

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