March 2016 Update – what I’m watching, reading, listening to, chaos, a lesson, behind the scenes, updates and top posts!

Hello everyone and welcome back to this month’s update!

Personal Life:
I was convinced for a day that I had multiple mood disorder. I had been crazy the last week. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but little things annoyed me, I was sad and stressed almost all the time and when I was happy, I’d be a maniac. So, I didn’t really know what was up, and in conclusion (since I’m studying Psychology), I declared myself psychologically disturbed. Don’t ask.
But thank goodness, I’m okay, and I’m getting back to normal, so moving on…

What I learned:
Being pretty is not important. It’s important to be confident in your own skin.

Study Chaos:
It’s that time of the semester when we’re all drowning in assignments, journal submissions, and presentations! In Health Psychology I gave the most horrible presentation. In Abnormal Psychology I’m the last to give presentation. My topic is Schizophrenia. I think I’m gonna do this: Be a Schizophrenic Patient who is giving a presentation on Schizophrenia. What do you guys think?

About the New Year Resolutions:
Writing goals are going awesome.
Don’t get me started about the new year resolutions. I haven’t even finished ONE book. 😦
Beauty Goals are going great!
Educational goals are going awesome!
About that car… Nope.

The Undying Series:
Remember last month I told you guys that I started writing For You? Yup, I haven’t been writing ever since.

What I’m Watching:
Indian Movies! This Month I’ve watched Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Dilwale, Ramleela, and Bajirao Mastani! My absolute favorite is RAMLEELA! I love it.

What I’m Listening to:
Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. Oh my god, you guys! I’m in love. Demi’s voice is giving me life.
Gallan Goodiyan from the movie Dil dhadakne do. Do you guys know this was done in a single shot. Love it.

What I’m reading:
I’m trying to read your mind when I tell you…“nothing”… Okay I have bought Reflection of a Man by Amari Soul but nope still haven’t touched it.

March Catch Up:

It’s Okay to Take a Break! – Familiar with that feeling of anxiety when you realize that you haven’t got any work done and the whole day was waste? It makes you feel like hell, especially if you’re a workaholic. Well, …

What a Tragedy – A tragedy, when a mature mind and a romantic heart are in the same body. -Niza Qabbani. A poem…by Munazza Bangash following this concept.

Interview: Michael La Ronn – “My philosophy on life is to do work that matters to you—far too many people just coast through life and never realize it until they wake up one day and realize they’ve done nothing with their lives.” -Michael La Ronn

I’m Fine – 100 Words Story – It’s okay for me to stay ugly for the rest of my life, than to have married to a man hideous on the inside.

Chaos of Life: I Did Theater! – Tag line BELIEVE IN YOURSELF BECAUSE EVERYTHING ELSE IS SECONDARY: Karachi university at IBA theatron


And that’s it for this month’s update! If you’ve made it this far please give this a thumbs up, and leave a comment because that always makes me smile.

What goal did you guys accomplish this month? 🙂

Till next time!
Munazza Bangash


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