I’m Fine – 100 Words Story

Revenge. Revenge. Revenge.

That was the only motivation he needed to destroy me. And the reason behind that revenge was a minor ‘no’. I had refused his proposal. I didn’t know him! I didn’t love him!

Today, as I sit in front of my mirror and see my burnt face, I realize how right I was. Having him throw acid at my face was far better than spending a life with that monster. It’s okay for me to stay ugly for the rest of my life, than to have married to a man hideous on the inside.

Yes, I’m fine.

This is a series of a 100 Words story. Flash fiction. What do you guys think about it? Please share your thoughts below. I welcome constructive criticism…

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Munazza Bangash


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One thought on “I’m Fine – 100 Words Story

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