How To Rant – Mind=Lost (Rant)

Ranting about something is purely an art. Think about it. You sit down and rant about something. I mean, what? Like, you talk *Bad word* about something and it’s acceptable because it’s a rant. Good lord, this is a beautiful, beautiful world.

There are people in this world who rant professionally. Professional ranters rant about things they dislike and people love to read it, or hear it. And it’s funny how the rant offends them, but they continue to read. That’s the power of ranting.

So, guess what? Today, I’m here to share with you the rules of ranting. The tips and the tricks. The easy method to easily write the perfect rant.

Here we go!

First, you have to choose a topic. You can not go ahead and start ranting about things you find annoying. Oh no. You have to find something you can find material on. Uh huh. That’s right. You don’t have to dislike the particular thing. All you have to do is find a topic and just write bad things about it and why it is annoying to you or to other people.

Be considerate about others’ feelings to a certain level. You don’t want enemies. You want to give a laugh to the people who agree, and a thought to the people who don’t agree. You have to care. Because ranting doesn’t just mean that you have to put your thoughts on to the paper. Nope. It’s an art, like I said. You have to be very considerate.

Second, find material. You have to find proof, because what you say in a rant should be a fact. Because the fact is that every opinion is a fact, so, in fact, you have to prove your opinion to be a fact. Get it?

You have to find the right amount of yes’s and no’s and why’s so that people can question you no more. Oh no no. No questions should arise. It’s a rant. Be professional about it. Be sophisticated.

Ranting doesn’t just mean you have to be emotional, funny or seriously annoyed by something to write about it. It’s only to entertain the readers. It’s not your thoughts. Never write what you really feel, or it will result in damage.

Like I said, ranting is an art and not everyone can succeed in it, but if you work long and hard and find the bad in everything, you will win. After all, practice makes the man perfect.

Wait, no. Find the bad in that. Practice doesn’t make a man perfect. Why would practice make a man perfect? Find the bad. Go. Go. Go. Rant about it. It’s an assignment. You’ll get 5 marks.

Last, write it down. Simple isn’t it? Go rant about it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering…no, I’m not serious…yes, this is a rant…okay, I’ll leave.


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