Interview: Ryan Attard!

Hello everyone! Today with us, we have Ryan Attard, the author of The Legacy Series, and The Pandora Chronicles! (Find the links by the end of this interview.)

This was, by far, the most entertaining interview anyone has ever given me! You’re gonna love it. 


  1. Say something about yourself. Something about your inner life.

Well, it’s a little difficult to pin down just one thing, since my live is a cacophony of adventure, awesome, and pure kick-ass…

Or it would be if I weren’t writing for 90 hours a week. My inner life consists of a lot of characters doing some crazy stuff.

And now that I read that out loud I realize that I sound like a crazy person, so moving on!


  1. The best moment of your life? Apart from your writing career.

All of the best moments of my life had something to do with writing, since I’ve done this straight out of university/college and is the longest thing I’ve done so far. In fact, I plan to keep doing it ‘till the day I croak.

I recently did have some good news (which I cannot share) but I think there’s more in store for me and my best moments are ahead of me.


  1. Biggest lesson you’ve learned in life so far?

This year I learnt that it’s okay to fail. In fact, I heard someone say the words “failing forwards” and have that pinned on my wall. I fail often, but that’s the secret to success – you have to learn from you failings and get back up.


  1. What is your philosophy of life?

Don’t give up. I know it’s very campy and cheesy, but honestly, giving up is easy. It’s easy to pull the plug on something and not do it.

Putting in the hours, despite failure, because you can see the big picture – that is much harder. And more courageous.


  1. Tell us something about The Lurking Voice. Best memory?

The podcast… You know, for a while I realized that I don’t want to market that show, simply because there is no real content. It’s not helping anyone do anything. That show is for me, so that I can exorcise my demons and all the crap that builds up in my head.

And I know I don’t interview people anymore, but I think back to the times I interviewed Collin Landis and Sorin Suciu as the best episodes. Of course, there are a few gems that I did on my own which still crack me up.


  1. What book are you reading at the moment? Tell us something about it.

I’m halfway through Yesterday’s Gone Season 4. It’s this dark, alien invasion thriller, that’s got this amazing cast of characters.

And it’s one of the first serialized fiction series I picked up.


  1. What books and authors have influenced your life the most?

Jim Butcher for getting me to write. Derek Landy, because he writes some of the best dialogue in modern literature. Patrick Rothfuss, because that guy never gave up.

Sean Platt, Johnny B Truant and David Wright, for their brilliant fiction and great self-publishing podcast. Nick Stephenson, because his course on marketing helped me turn in my first profits in self-publishing.

Loads more but I’m gonna stop cos I don’t want this post to be ten pages long.


  1. When did you first consider yourself a writer? What was that particular incident?

I told myself when I started writing that I was going into this 100%, or do nothing. So I’ve always considered myself a writer.

A professional writer – that’s a different ball game. I guess that was when I began getting fan response and generating some money.


  1. Did you ever think that this is what you wanted to do with your life when you were younger?

Oh, heck no. I was gonna be a Power Ranger. Or a Jedi. Certainly not someone who sits down all day, pressing buttons on a computer.


  1. Where do you write? Show us your desk but don’t clean it up.

I’m not taking any pictures because there are a few manuscripts laying about that will spoil stories. I would pack them up, but I’m just a lazy artist.

Instead, picture if you will, a time when you just discovered a new appliance, a blender. Go back to that one time when you put all your ingredients in it, eager to reap the juicy rewards, and you turn it on – only to realize you forgot the lid and now there’s juice all over the place. You think you can clean it up but you still find splotches months later.

Replace ‘splotches’ with ‘ideas’ and you pretty much have my desk.


  1. Do you have to do anything to get into the zone when you write?

Music mostly, although I tend to watch some tv or catch up on episodes and then wait until my OCD tells me I should work cos I’m being a worthless piece of s***.

That generally does it.


  1. Where do you get your ideas from?

From my very weird brain. Seriously, there’s a goblin in there somewhere.

The honest answer is “I don’t know” but I much prefer the goblin story so I’m sticking with that.


  1. Your favorite from your own works?

Oh, this one’s easy. Lost Ones, Book 3 of the Legacy Series. It’s my latest release and the writing is so much better.

I love watching myself improve – it means that I’m doing something right and that all my years of learning my craft weren’t for nothing.

Seriously, it’s an awesome book, and if you are reading this you should buy it. I hear its awesome, even if the writer is a little bonkers.


  1. Do any of your stories feature you as a character?

Dear god, no! I would be the first one to get killed in that universe.


  1. Do you have any childhood memories that affect your writing?

All of them, really. I used to play with action figures and watch loads of cartoons (Digimon for life!) and all of that made it into my books in one form or another.


  1. An excerpt from one of your books?

Since I raved so much about it, here’s an excerpt from Lost Ones:

I smiled and decided to give it up. “Thank you. And I mean that. The problem with me is that I have seen, and still see, a lot of bad shit, and that sometimes makes it hard to appreciate the good stuff that happens around me.”

“You have a serious case of PTSD.”

I rolled my eyes. “Are you really gonna go all psych major on me again?”

“I’m not just a pretty face,” she replied. “Although really, look at me. I am pretty.”

“You’re a succubus.”

“Witch-Succubus hybrid,” she insisted. “And I’m still pretty.”

“I don’t need a psych major to know that’s insecurity,” I replied.

“Yes, I’m insecure. And I work my issues out by being pretty and hanging around you, Mr. Denial.”


“I call ’em like I see ’em,” she said with a shrug. “You need to work out your issues.”

“I have a very healthy system.”

“Do tell.”

“I work out my deep-seethed anger issues and frustration at the general world by expressing myself on beings of a supernatural nature.”

She rolled her eyes. “You mean, you hit things.”

“Damn straight.”


  1. Your number one secret about writing.

There is no secret – just write your damn book.


  1. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

See question 17.


  1. Best way to connect with you?


Alternately, you can go to and check out the books there. You can also google my name or search me on Amazon.

Firstborn – Book 1 of the Legacy Series is free to download from Amazon, and if you sign up for my mailing list you get another free book!

My email is and I love hearing from fans.

(But seriously, someone get on that telepathy thing)


  1. Suggest us a good author for our next interview.

Sean Platt, Johnny B Truant or David Wright would be great. Garrett B Robinson is also a good choice.

That’s about it, y’all! Thanks to Ryan Attard for being with us here and for the amazing answer he’s given us!

You can find his books by following the links below!


Firstborn – Book 1 of the Legacy Series (An Urban Fantasy novel)


Birthright – Book 2 of the Legacy Series (An Urban Fantasy novel)


Lost Ones – Book 3 of the Legacy Series (An Urban Fantasy novel)


The Pandora Chronicles – Book 1 (A Scifi Adventure Thriller)

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