Chaos of Life: When They Took me to the Operation Theater!

So three weeks ago there was a silly girl who thought exams were the worst thing that could happen to her. And then reality knocked on her door, knocking her down to the floor.

Well, I had severe pain when it was that time of the month, and I thought it was normal. But it got a bit out of the way painful, and I couldn’t even stand properly. My gynecologist assured me that it was only due to the fact that I’m a girl. So, I went with it, and spent the week gulping down six painkillers a day. Bad choice. I know. It was recommended.

And the final day when I went to see my gynecologist for a checkup, I was feeling better and was pretty sure that everything is fine now. But then I was knocked back to reality. She recommended me to the surgeon, and suddenly the whole world was a bad place to live in and I felt instantly depressed. But I didn’t show it to my mom because she was already stressed for the fact that I was about to have an operation, I didn’t want her to think that I was scared. I was. But I smiled and opened my arms to what was about to come, because in all honesty, I had no other choice.


So, it was declared that I have appendicitis. My first (and hopefully last) operation ever. So, I became that brave, lively girl that I was, and got ready for whatever was to come. A day before my operation, I got admitted in the hospital. I ate nor drank for more than twelve hours before I was finally taken into the operation theater. When I wore the dress, I took pics and smiled and laughed, and my brother and I joked about how cute I looked.

I can write so much about the before operation feelings, but I feel like we should get on with the action. *Winks*

So, I was taken into the theater and I lay down and the doctors talked to me, and I was actually excited. But very nervous I was at the time for I was about to lie there helplessly so some strangers could cut me up and remove stuff from my body. *Shudders*

It was declared that my appendix was about to burst and the operation took more time than it was supposed to. I had had three attacks by the time I was operated.

Anyway, the operation wasn’t the worst of it. What pained me the most was the aftermath. I couldn’t walk properly, I had to be dependent on others and that affected me mentally. I wasn’t allowed to eat properly, and when I was coming back to consciousness after the operation, yeah, that was hell. For me and for the people who saw me. I was silent, except for the occasional call for mom. I couldn’t see. The light was blinding. And I wanted to throw up but couldn’t.

It was bad.

But eventually it all became okay. I never thought I would get better, but I did. I’m slowly getting back to normal, and it’s a great feeling.

What I went through had a major reality awakening for me. I realized how much I was loved and cherished, and how blessed I really am. I’m very thankful to Allah for whatever I have and what He’s blessed me with. Now that I’ve been through so much, with my operation and so many other things, I realize that what we have shouldn’t be taken for granted, and that we should always appreciate what we don’t want to lose.

I’m happy. Alhamdolillah! Let’s all love and appreciate what we have before it’s gone, because nothing lasts forever.

Check out my other Chaos of Life which, I promise, are a lot more light-hearted, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading my ramblings.

Till next time!
Love you all.
Munazza Bangash


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