UPDATE – Chaos of Life and the only social networks I use

Yes, I know. Recently all I’m doing is updating you with my boring life. Sue me.

But the thing is that I realized that this blog is kind of scattered everywhere, don’t you think? So, I decided that I’m going to update this blog every Saturday InshaAllah with good content, not my everyday chaos stupidity. You will get to see more of the stuff you want to see! (Or is it my ridiculous rambling you like? Huh? huh? No? …okay.)

Okay so let’s get you updated!

I’m now officially a freelance makeup artist. “WHAT?” …I know!

Okay, people! Calm down. Sit down, everyone. Enough of the applause, omg, I’m blushing. 

*Crickets chirping*

*Clears throat*

So anyway…  you can find the makeup looks I’ve done so far HERE!

More so, I’m in the middle of exams again. “WHAT?” …I know!

By the way, if you don’t know I’m mocking Monica from Friends, you need to update your life. That reminds me, who just love Friends? Like, omg. Oh and have any of you watched Breaking Bad? OMG, I love it to bits. Like Jesse Pinkman? Oh yes!


3 to the 3 to the 6 to the 9, representing the A B Q, what up, biyotch? Leave it at the tone. 

I swear the people who haven’t watched this show sees me doing this, they are gonna put me in a mental asylum. I’m everywhere. Like…WHAT? …I should shut up now.

See! That’s what I meant by this blog being scattered. I’m all over the place. Grabbing something from here, grabbing something from there.

Wait, that sounded sexual.


I’m talking to myself. yes.

Mental Asylum, right away!

So, any-me, how are you guys? It’s been so long! I will be back by this Saturday, I promise! And these ramblings will continue throughout the week.

Look who’s talking.

Go ahead. Laugh at me. JUDGE ME. This is a cruel world!

I’m gonna go kill myself now.

So, anyway, before attempting suicide, I just wanna mention the sites that I use. These are the only ones I use. So, if you see something with my name on any other site, I probably haven’t written it OR have written it when I was young. Don’t judge me. This is all I have now…

Desirable Purity Beauty Blog
Desirable Purity This Blog.

Desirable Purity Makeovers
Desirable Purity




My only email address is: MunazzaBangash@hotmail.com through which you can contact me.

I hope I’ve covered everything. Till next time, lovelies. Bye!

No, I’m not killing myself. 😛



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