Catching Up with Life and Chaos of Life

Yes. Okay. I see your point. I know what you’re saying. Uh huh? Okay. Yeah. Please, don’t look at me like that. I’m sorry, okay?!

I’m cute. Forgive me for disappearing 😦

Any who, guess who’s back. *Gets a very much expected punch from you.*

Okay, I should shut up now…

Life has become so full of events for me recently that last night I begged the Almighty. No more excitement. Please, make my life boring for a week. Please!

And then today, I regretted it. It was so boring that my eyes, ears and mouth bled. Like, man! It was bad. It was the worst. (Please, sympathize with me and forget that I was not here for four months. *POUTS*)

Let’s start from the start.

My brother got married! YAY! For me, it was the best moment of my life. My only brother got married. I still get happy chills. And the good part is, that I looked my very best on every single day. It went on for a week. ❤ I wore maxis only. The reception, by far, was the best. I wore a tea pink maxi. Oh god, I’m in love with it. Okay, let’s move on or I’m gonna drool all over my keyboard.

I went for a vacation ignoring my studies for ten days after the wedding. Yay me! But seriously, it was so refreshing to visit the beautiful places our country has to offer. Pakistan is portrayed the worse by the media, but in fact it is so beautiful. Check out a few pics I took.

IMG_3988 IMG_4215IMG_4264IMG_4266IMG_4272IMG_4292

So, when I finally got back from the heaven, I was stabbed by reality. So much homework, assignments, lectures were pending that it took me forever to catch up and I’m still working.

So, yeah, I would say that I’m sorry, but the drama queen inside me is on my side, and she’s giving pretty good reasons to disappear.

Which I’m going to again before you bitch slap me.




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