Top Five Websites I Visit + Life Update, excuses and vacation photos

Oh and by the by Youtube is not a website for me, it’s my home, so it’s not added here 😛


Of course! Why won’t Google be on the top of the list? Got a question? Google it. Need to find something? Google it.  Need to find someone? Google it. Need to stalk celebrities? Google, babe. Need translation? Google.

Don’t know how to pronounce a word? *Crickets chirping, aka, Hippopotomostrosesquipedaliophobia!* who the eff knows how to pronounce that word?

Anyway, google is definitely my number one website.


Okay, I’ll admit, I’m no professional spiderwoman queen. Nope. I don’t get thousands of emails from my fans. Nope. I don’t get business deals. Hell no. What I do get are the emails containing pictures and videos…of myself…from myself.

Yes. Yes. I need to send the pictures and videos to my laptop because my data cable is not working. *Frowns*

Sue me.


Everybody knew this one. Right? Right?


WordPress is my favorite website. I can share whatever my heart feels like by writing my heart out on the computer screen. Yo! And I totally love the people we have here, so supportive and just…amazing!

Social Media!

Facebook, no matter how much it’s hated by a few people, I think Facebook can provide, to a public figure mostly, a good audience. It takes up time and a lot of stupid people to go through, but it helps eventually.

But, for me, Facebook is my first priority to connect with my friends and family. And of course, to stalk people. *Winks*

Then comes Twitter, Twitter is cool. ‘Nuff said.


It’s kinda been long since I used the website frequently, but this website is amazing for starters. If you wanna start writing, reading, graphic designing, video editing, story editing, critiquing, etc, etc, etc.

Wattpad is a great platform for young folks to start getting creative and practice their hearts out over there. My first website to start practicing my writing, graphic designing, editing and critiquing was Wattpad.

I think a professional writer when facing writer’s block should really visit Wattpad’s different clubs. The discussions are also helpful for getting good blog post ideas! *Winks*


Well, that’s about it. And so sorry for being so absent from here. My brother got married, then I went to visit the Northern areas of Pakistan, then school happened, and so on and so forth. But now I promise to try being more active here. And here you go, check out some pics of my beautiful country that I took. #Pakistan.

IMG_4292 IMG_4272 IMG_4266 IMG_4264 IMG_4215 IMG_3988


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