Chaos of Life: And Then Exams Happen

So, I’m sure you don’t want me to “long time no see”, because, let’s face it, that’s totally gonna earn me a slap across my face, so I’m not gonna go there. Thank you very much!

Let’s get straight into it.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re all worked up about the new school, college, uni, and it all goes well at first (yeah, I’m the popular girl, I’ve got great friends, everything is cool), and then EXAMS happen! So, yeah, that’s the chaos I’m in the middle of at the moment. Now, you sympathize. See? I’m a wizard.

Witch! I said “witch”. Agh. Stop judging me, people, I’m stressing over my exams!

I want to share with you guys a very interesting story. It goes something like this. I was a good, obedient girl, studying for the whole semester, and then all of a sudden, what happened? Jesse Pinkman!

And now, I can’t stop saying “yo” and “bitch” and I can’t stop stressing everything, like, Y U do dis 2 me?

So, yeah, 20 days to my first paper, I started writing three new novels, started updating my blog more, got active on social media, and I’m watching Breaking Bad season 4.

Why does all the creativity flow when exams are near? The hell, I’m thinking about working on my dancing and singing skills.

But you know what,

And I’m going to fail.


3 thoughts on “Chaos of Life: And Then Exams Happen

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