Does True Love Exist in Today’s World? — Dear Mona

“Everywhere all I see is break ups and divorces and heart breaks. Maybe there was something called true love before but I seriously doubt if it still exists”

It depends on what our opinion is about “true love”.

I believe, true love exists. A mother loves her child more than herself. That’s true love. The sacrifices, and wanting nothing in return. That’s true love. Giving all of yourself to them, and not hoping for a thank you. That is true love.

You do not need anything in return if you love them truly. All you wanna do is give, give and give. That’s true love. If you start asking for things like, respect, trust, love (You can’t get these things by asking, because you gotta earn them.) then that’s another thing. That’s a relationship. These things are important, of course. But, true love, itself, is nothing about receiving.

If we look at a couple, and like it has been asked, what we mostly see in today’s world is spiting up, i.e, divorce, break ups, etc. That’s not because those two persons don’t love each other truly (Affairs and imposed marriages are another thing.), it’s because that one person loves the other more (no matter how many I Love You More fights they had). The main thing about a couple is that their love cannot be shared equally. That’s impossible.

Why do they split up? It’s simple. If you love someone truly, you will make sacrifices to keep them with you. But if the other doesn’t wanna be with you, there is no force in the world to keep them stuck to you. That’s a fact and we all need to understand this. It’s not necessary that two persons will fall equally in love with each other. One might just be interested, and it is quite easy to lose interest, whereas the other person might love them truly. That’s one reason a couple splits up. It doesn’t necessarily mean that true love is gone.

So, back to making sacrifices. There is just so much you can take. There is a limit to make sacrifices for someone who take you for granted. Splitting up doesn’t necessarily mean that your love has ceased (because you’re giving and asking nothing in return, and asking nothing in return includes the shit they give, too). So, you might love them truly, ask nothing in return, but if they treat you like hell, it’s time to move on. This break up doesn’t mean that true love is gone, or wasn’t there, it just means, you’ve had enough.

So, when you ask if true love exists or not, I say, for one, “true love” is a feeling not an emotion. So “true love” doesn’t cease. And two, if you love someone truly it doesn’t mean that you have the certificate to be with them forever. True love doesn’t mean being together forever, true love means praying for their happiness, making sacrifices for them, and asking for nothing in return.

So, yeah, true love exists, Romeo and Juliet don’t.

NOTE: This question was asked publicly, and I answered it. I wanted it to share this with all of you so I put it under Dear Mona.

Make sure you drop you comments below with your opinions on this topic.

Till next time,
Love you all!

Munazza Bangash
Desirable Purity


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