The Revolution of Love — Serena M. Capirano (Guest Post)

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When you hear the word Revolution, what often comes to mind is War between two sides.

What about love though?


It does exist.

The Revolution of Love.

Long time ago, mankind was one, united. They cared for each other, worked together and loved everyone as they survived against the forces of nature. They were dependent on every individual for there were things they all could not do as one.

There came a day when a man woke up late in the morning and due to that, many men died defending themselves from a ferocious beast. That man was an archer, the very best who was boasted to be able to slay any beast with one arrow.

The alive mourned the dead and set the blame upon the archer because he could not rise with the sun and sleep with moon as they did. As a result, they shunned and shooed him away from their society. Since there were dozens of bodies to bury, the men spent the entire night digging graves. Women spent the night crying and reminiscing about the memories that haunted their hearts. The children, unable to sleep, danced and played in the mysterious night.

By the time they were finished with the burials, the sun began to rise. As per their ritual, they remained awake in the presence of the sun. The day dragged on and some fell asleep, mainly, the children. The adults did not mind for children were children who did not know any better. However, some adults saw the young sleeping pleasantly and they, themselves, succumbed to a deep slumber.

Those who were still wakeful were appalled by the others sleeping when the sun was up and when the night came, they were sleepless. They, like the man, were shunned too but they refused to leave the community. A dispute broke out as both sides lashed out with their sharp tongues, foul words heavy like stones. Soon, words were not enough to settle their argument. From the moment a hand was raised, other hands were balled into fists thrown in fury.

Bruised, cut and bloodied they all were until they decided that it was still not enough to get their messages across. In the battlefield, two specific men were in a scuffle. One was pinned down, on the verge of death when from the corner of his eye, he spotted an arrow in a quiver. Desperation clicked in his mind as he struggled to grab to the arrow and from the moment he did, he struck it in the heart of his then, fallen enemy. The act of murder brought about enragement for the fallen comrade of one of the sides.

Not only that. The thought of using man-made weapons against each other bore into their subconscious. Scurrying like mice, they scrambled for any and every weapon they could find. Arming their weapons, both sides eyed the other as if trying to be intimidating. As one arrow flew into their air, many followed its trajectory and slammed the fleshy men to the ground.

Thus, the once united mankind split in two tribes: the Sun Tribe and the Moon Tribe who were forever bound by revolution.

Witnessing the acts of mankind on Earth were the Sun and the Moon. Upon seeing their separation, the Sun and the Moon sent down, their sentient beings to their respective tribes in hopes end the meaningless war. Neither of them knew that the other sent their sentients down to Earth. Sun, a woman, was a bright orange ball of fire with a tinge of gold and Moon, the man, was a cold, silvery orb of pure white light.

The people in the tribes were scared of them at first but when the beings spoke, peace invaded their souls and they came to accept them. Both sides had had great trust and praise for their Sun and Moon. Regardless of the positivity Sun and Moon received, when they suggested that the tribes reconcile with each other, they turned to bitter rage. There was nothing they could do to coerce mankind to unite once again yet, they never gave up.

During his few days there, Moon always felt a strange but familiar warmth emanating through him. Likewise, Sun felt comfort in the new presence she sensed. At some point in time, Moon could no longer ignore the attraction towards the warm existence.

In the daytime when the Moon Tribe slept, he snuck out and travelled quite a ways until he approached the Sun Tribe. Sun took notice of Moon’s presence and was so excited that she rushed over to him without a moment’s hesitation.

While Sun was running to meet Moon, her tribe had already encountered him. Armed with spears, they aggressively asked him, “Who are you?!”

Moon politely replied with a smile, “I am Moon.”

“You’re from the Moon Tribe! You’re not welcome here!”

“Please, I need to see her,” he pleaded.

“Never! Away with you!”

When Sun arrived at the edge of the Tribe grounds, she saw a glimpse of Moon’s silver back and remembered him. She had seen him so many times and enjoyed his company but from afar. She finally had a chance to meet him. “Wait!” she yelled.

Moon heard her and turned to see where the alluring voice came from but by time he did, she was being dragged away by her tribe. All he caught sight of was her golden hair and orange glow.

Like a wildfire, word eventually got to the Moon Tribe that Moon stealthily left to meet Sun. In fact, both sides were aware of Sun and Moon’s growing attraction to each other that they kept them under watch at all times. Sun and Moon were disappointed and longed for the other so much that they cried themselves to sleep. Just when they could no longer take it, at the same time, they ran to meet their love. Tailing them were the tribes, hot on their tracks.

Finally, what seemed like marathon had come to an end when they, Sun and Moon, met face to face. The tribes, too, saw their enemies and their sentient beings walking slowly towards their lover. Aware of their close meeting, both sides immediately snatched their sentient being and pulled them apart. Sun and Moon stretched their arms and fought to intertwine their fingers. They shouted yearningly, “Sun! Moon!”

Impatiently, one of the men in the Sun Tribe, loaded an arrow onto his bow and shot it square in Moon’s chest. Sun wailed, “Moon. No. No No. No!” Sun burst into red flames, burning anyone who dared to touch her. She got to Moon’s half dead body, knelt and cradled his head in her arms. Moon caressed her cheek, simmering down her flames and reverting them to her usual bright colours.

“We have finally met but alas, it is brief. I am grateful for it as it far exceeds those fleeting moments when I saw you. F-Farewell, my love. S-S-See you in the skies,” Moon melancholically said till he went limp, his white light flickering off.

Sun bawled, drenching Moon’s face with her hot tears.

Just as the tribes were leaving the scene, the despaired Sun began emanating a bright glow. Curious, they watched the phenomenon. Moon’s wounds were healing and his eyes were opening fully. Sun got weaker and weaker and then, she fell to the ground, her light completely extinguished.

Moon had awakened only to see the love of his life, dead.

That was when mankind realized it.

The Sun died giving all her light to the Moon so that he could live.

Their undying love and willingness to sacrifice themselves for the other, impacted mankind so much that they cried. They cried and joined together in unity as they provided solace for one another, demolishing the separation they had created. Moon hung his head in despair. He should be happy that the war ended but to see Sun so lifeless, hurt him. He was lonely.

The skies were looking on at their Sun and Moon the whole time and they, too, were sorrowful. Their emotions were so clouded that they shed tears for them.

Time felt guilty of arranging their duty in such a way that they could never meet in the skies.

He was going to make up for it.

Time commanded the hands of Universe’s clock to strike at twelve twice every year starting from that day. Sun’s body vanished into thin air along with Moon’s and they were reunited with their counterparts.

The Sun and the Moon aligned, casting a great shadow upon Earth and finally meeting each other. Their love was so immense that to mankind, it was a miracle in their eyes. The phenomenon served as a reminder of what should happen if they are ever divided. It would result in anger, hate, war…death. Despite the consequences, it also reminded them that love was a miracle they had the luxury of seeing.

Hence, the Revolution of Love.


Serena M. Ciprano. Aries. Interested in a lot of things like, Architecture, Engineering, Books, Crafts, Sports (badminton, table tennis, archery), Hiking, Walking, Travelling (whenever I get the chance to). Her aim in life is to be able to make a change in this world no matter how small the change is. Her talents are writing, Badminton, Archery, Organization (depends on your definition of organization if you get me), Listening, Making others smile.  When asked about the philosophy of life, she said, “To live life to its fullest while overcoming any and every challenge that I encounter.”

A message: “I’d like to thank you all for the kindness and support you’ve shown towards me as both a writer and a friend. Because of you, I’ve been able to improve on my writing skills and feel a lot more confident about it than I did initially. Thank you very much! :)”

You can reach her at:

Google+ account: Click Me

Wattpad account: SerenaMCiprano


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