Prologue — Let it Fall: Looking for Reviews!

Let it Fall is my first, up and coming novel. You all know how important a prologue is for a novel. Here’s  mine. Hope to read your valuable opinions about this. Thanks for stopping by.


The sky isn’t always blue.

The sun doesn’t always shine.

So let it go this once.

Just let it fall this time.



It’s all about how the past affects your present, and it takes just one mistake to take away all you ever had.

He lay down on his hard bed in the middle of the night, left arm raised, and right hand holding a rusty, old knife. Once again, he couldn’t take the fact that one more job was done. A weak smile spread across his face. The look he always had when he was about to hurt himself to lessen the pain. A warm tear, that dropped as soon as it was built up, reminisced the dark moments he wanted to forget. His everything.

His brown eyes traveled around his beige painted room. A photograph was hanging on the main wall. There was a blonde. He stared. So beautiful. Her eyes held warmth as she cradled the brunette little girl in her slender arms. He could picture a little boy smiling at them behind the camera.

A faint smile. Was it there?

A painting hung on the contrary wall. He looked closely, as he did the day before, and the day before that. In a dark jungle, under a full moon, a pack of wolves feasted on the poor deer, while a woman in white, hid behind the thin tree, watching wide eyed. It was apparent that she had never witnessed something so cruel, while it was completely normal for the wolves. They were predators; hungry, Lustful. The deer lay motionless, with its blood pooled beside it.

And a golden eagle sat quietly, above the woman, on a branch of the tree, observing the whole scene, as if ready to charge.

When he woke, the light seeped through the dirty curtains. He had his shirt stained red, and the blood had dried on the wounds he had created on his arm. Avid dreams. Avid screams. He was sick of it.

The woman would have tried to make a run, the wolves behind her, but the eagle tearing at their eyes. The woman might have died, the eagle wounded, but the wolves didn’t live a peaceful life, either.

Kindly drop your suggestions and comments below! I’d love to hear from you. What are your thoughts? Does this hook you? What image forms?

Thank you, all!

Till next time, take care!
Munazza Bangash



2 thoughts on “Prologue — Let it Fall: Looking for Reviews!

  1. Your prologue is purposely vague, right? Personally, I find the self-harm aspect of it intriguing, partly because it seemed to be coming from a stronger MC. I’m curious though as to how you set-up the context because I still can’t picture it. Anyway, good luck on your first full-blown novel. 🙂

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