The Voice of Youth

Assalam o alaikum, lovelies! How have you all been? It’s been so long, right? Tell me about it. I won’t waste my time telling you why, because no amount of excuses can cover up the reasons behind my disappearance.

So, The Voice of Youth! It’s a series of podcast recorded on FM 90.6 from the University of Karachi, Mass Communication department.

Every episode will have me as the host, there will be a speaker for the debate, and an up and coming star, a rising talent who will in the future be big as hell, and all that to give you the chance to be able to say,  “Yep! I’ve been there all along.”

And along that, every single episode of The Voice of Youth will have a topic on which we’ll put forward our opinions.

So, dearests, if you’d like to listen to the podcast, make sure you keep  checking this blog. It’ll be up soon enough.

Also, if you, by any chance, are able to be present at the University of Karachi, or you study there, and want to take part in the discussion, or showcase your talent, make sure to email me the details: along with the subject having “VY” or “The voice of youth”.

Also, for suggestions on the topics you want us to debate on in the future, make sure to let me know by commenting below.

Stay tuned for more.

Till next time, take care!


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