Mind = Lost :– Drama “king”

Don’t you just hate it when guys over react?

No, seriously! There are traits with which a girl is recalled and there are traits with which a guy is recalled. Right? As bad as it may sound, I don’t give a damn.  This is the truth. There are traits that makes a girl, girl. And there are traits that makes a guy, guy. I’m an equalist, yes, but we all know by the physical differences, that we are effing different. So, there is no point in screaming that there is no trait associated with a gender. Because there is. There are! Especially the DRAMA!

Don’t you just hate it when girls act dramatic. You know, drama in every single thing. “Why did you do this?” Why did you do that?” “I thought we were friends!” “What kind of a friend are you?” “Blah blah blah this.” “Blah blah blah that.”


And now imagining all the drama, don’t you just hate it when guys do it? What the hell is your problem? Get over it, you drama king! Yeah, that’s exactly what you are. I mean, for example, so what if I asked you to walk a bit away from me. I didn’t say it to be conceited, or to think you’re low or something. No. There are limits.

But, nooooooo, you’re rudeeeee.

Excuse my bad writing skills.

So, where was I? If you are going to be such a drama king, you might as well start wearing lipsticks! I don’t even feel bad saying this. What is there to classify you from being a whiny little girl? You’re a guy. Girls befriend you because they want to escape the drama!

Oh, how well that turned out, I see!



3 thoughts on “Mind = Lost :– Drama “king”

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