First Impressions — Book Cover Service

Desirable Purity is proud to announce it’s first service — First Impressions — a book cover service for indie authors at a very reasonable price. We have a number of graphic designers to fulfill your needs of a desirable book cover to your book. We have a fun way to do this process. You fill the form below, and all of our graphic designers work on your cover. We showcase them all to you, and you choose your desired one. We also give you one chance to claim Re-make.

Front and back covers are provided. Get your desirable book covers at a very affordable price! $30 only. By filling the form below, and sending it to — with the title: DP cover request






Your book themes:

What theme do you want displayed mainly on the cover:

Mood of the cover:


Any specifications:

Would you like additional graphics? (story ad, etc — extra 10$ per graphic):




Make sure you apply, if not, then share it with your author friends. Thank you!

Facebook for updates!


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