Chaos of Life — Are you kidding me?

I mean, why do you even call yourself an organized institution? You can go flush your ideas in the toilet!

Second day, huh? Let me clear all up. I’m not going to post an article about the chaos of my life in university, every single day, but the ones where it’s actually chaotic. And today was no exception. It was definitely chaotic.

Listen to me rant, and watch the pieces fly!

I walked in to the university like usual with my friend, Umaima. And stopped and waited for the Point (aka the bus that takes us to our department for free). So, guess what happened? It didn’t freaking show up! We waited for fifteen to twenty minutes. There was no sight of that stupid piece of crap! (Excuse my French, but I wanna explode.) ************** (You may fill in the stars).

So, I had to walk to the department, and I didn’t know the way. So we walked, and kept walking. My head hurts so much (My legs hurt, too) that I don’t want to go to university again, but I don’t wanna gt bored in house, too, so that’s a controversial topic.

So, I covered a distance of half the city (Okay, I exaggerated it a bit…a lot), and then when I reached my department, I didn’t get to sit, because you know, friends! I walked to the canteen which, too, was far from our department, and had some coffee. How the coffee was made a poison for me? I had to finish that burning cup of coffee in five minutes, because I had my class of Philosophy (which I took as a minor, btw).

While I struggled to finish my coffee, I saw a group of girls crossing the Psychology department, wondering out loud where the department is. So being the nice girl that I am, I called for them. A girl turned and I asked if she was looking for Psychology’s department. She said, “No…” nicely, so I shrugged and got back to talking with my friend. That’s when I saw it. She told the girls of her group that I was saying something. I ignored the stupid feeling and asked them again, if they were looking for Psychology’s department. The main girl said, “Yes…” and I smiled and pointed the building in front of me. She said, “Thank you!” And guess what she did? She turned around and walked away, laughing out loud with her friends.

Like, what the hell? If you didn’t want help, you could’ve just told me. I was only trying to help. But, you know what? Whatever! I ignored, finished my coffee, and started the struggle to find my philosophy class. Once, after one hell of a struggle, I found it, do you what went on?

Guess what happened there? There were guys at one section of the class and the other section was reserved for girls. So, whenever a person entered the class, I was watching that the guys kept appreciating the new comers. It was nice at first, but then it worried me. It was creepy. Were they crazy or something? What were they so excited about? They kept talking to the teacher so friendlily, I got sure that it wasn’t the teacher and they were planning to rag us! Ragging? Me? Puh-lease! We all walked out of that class as soon as we understood the picture.

But that’s not it. I had to walk from one department to another department which was miles away to get my friend’s name registered in her subsidiary subjects, got back, and it was time for Psychology’s minor. I was major, but I had no classes, so I thought, “What the hell?” And I struggled to find where the minor class is held. It took me forever, mind you.

A teacher came to me our group and asked, “Who here has Psychology as minor?”

Everyone said ‘yes’ except for me.

He said, “Follow me.” Everyone followed.

I raised my voice, “Excuse me, sir!”

He didn’t even stop! Like, what the eff? He kept walking as he said, “Yes?

I couldn’t even see him, but I announced, “I’m a major, but may I take your class?”

“Are you major?” he asked while walking with his back to me. “Then go take your major class.”

And I just stood there looking dumb as hell. What the hell was his problem? I just wanted to take an extra class. Would it have hurt him to teach me? Wow! Just wow! Why the hell is he even a teacher?

And why the hell does that institution calls itself organized? There was no one who could properly guide us. It was such a disaster, and now I dread going back tomorrow. I mean, do you know? I have on class. Only one class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And on Friday, they torture us! I have all the rest of my classes on Thursday and Friday! How is that organized? I have compulsory, major, minor! Every single subject. And it’s so frustrating. They’ll either call us to take one class, or make us study for the rest of our day.

Way to go!

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