Chaos of life: First Day of Uni!

What happens when you don’t decide something completely? You end up degraded.

Degraded shouldn’t be the word, though. What I actually meant to say, was you get so tired you wanna break down. “Come to us on Tuesday!” “Check that on Thursday!” “Do this on Friday!” It’s kinda frustrating. I mean, I walked around the university for so long that my feet started bleeding, and you expect me to come again? Tomorrow? Day after tomorrow? You can all go flush yourselves in the toilet.

Which reminds me! It was my first day in the university, and it was awesome. Let me tell you something about it first. It’s vast. Like, omg, vast. It’s like a little city, I swear. If you walk from one end to another, you’d probably take an hour or two, maybe more. There are residents, departments, cafes, anything you want to find, go to our university. It’s kind of a dream world, but in ruins. Seriously, it’s old, but still. We love it. I might post pics soon.

Now you’re thinking how a toilet reminded me of my uni. Well, everything was cool, from teachers to students, from lobby to classes, but what I loved most about that place is the common room we have. It’s a girls common room, and it’s so beautiful and clean. I just love it. There is a particular namaz area, and it’s become my favorite place! And the toilet was nice, so yeah. 😀

So, what did I do? I met my school friend, college friend, community friend and a cousin. Small world, right? My school friend, which so happens to be Umaima from Dudette’s Talk…she, my community friends and I, we walked to uni together, spent half an hour walking to our departments. Really! Then I met my college friends after all of us dispersed. We spent a lot of time together. About an hour later, we had our orientation.

It was fun. Our teacher was so cool, and had such a great personality. She even gave us candies! So, that’s that. I copied my timetable, and I swear, I have no idea what’s written on it. It’s so damn confusing. But, I’ve decided. I’m going to study very, very hard, and try (TRY) to get a position? Thinking too big?

But thinking low, and downright blow, never lets a person succeed.

Oh em gee! I’m poet!
That was a 100 dollar quote. I’m posting it in “I quote”!

Anyway, So then, to register our names for subsidiary subjects, we walked from one end to another, and my feet bleed, and what results do I get? “You come to us tomorrow.” Like, what? Are you serious? I just died twice walking here.

I think I lost a few pounds too.

But, that being said, I loved the way it went. It was fun, exciting. There was a feel of freedom, and I loved it. All in all, it was a nice day, and I think I’m gonna enjoy my time here. If you want to know more about my uni life, and enjoy reading my little outbursts, make sure you let me know 🙂

P.s, “thumbs up” if you liked this and if you want more. Comment below with your thoughts, and let me know about your experience of back to school first day!

From now on, my posts might get slow, because uni! So, bear with me (or pay me) 😛

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6 thoughts on “Chaos of life: First Day of Uni!

  1. yeah Universities are quite huge and yes the feet does bleed, but i think that’s the beauty of it. Universities are to make people enjoy freedom and for specializations there needs to be quite some space for departments to work on. You know like research and coaching – and everything else too.

    I hope you do enjoy it later too … happy breathing 🙂

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