And it’s a wrap for the admission chaos!

So, if you’ve been following me around (like I’m some sort of beauty pageant), you must know that I applied for one, and only one university for admission (because I’m too proud of myself, sue me), and guess what? Yep! You got it right! I got admission in my favorite subject. Psychology! Dance with me. *The blog turns into a virtual dance party. There are lights. There is music. There are dresses. There are coats. Everybody is having a good time, and then suddenly,*

Hold on a second!

Let’s start over.


Hello, everyone, this is Mona or Munazza Bangash, or Desirable Purity, or whatever the hell you wanna call me. This post is more about an update to what’s currently happening in my messed up life. Yeah! It’s a messed up, one hell of a dramatic, overly stupid life. I know, I know, you love it.

*Crickets chirping*

Oh, well, then thanks for the support! *Rolls eyes*

Anyway, let’s update you with my life. So, I got admission in the University of Karachi. As you know (or not) that I applied in both open merit and test based. One for English and one for Psychology. See? I’m not that irresponsible. *Flips hair back dramatically.*

So, guys, I got admission in both of them, and I’m so happy. *Pats myself on the back.* I’m happy. Mom’s happy. Family’s happy. Bro’s not happy. Just kidding! But bros are that way aren’t they? But, I love him nonetheless. He’s such a sweetheart. Oh, and btw, I’m going for Psychology!

So, that’s that! Stay tuned for my Orientation Day Update, which is on 15th January, and I’m, like, so excited! My good friend, Umaima from Dudette’s Talk is also with me in the same university, but different departments. She’s in Visual Arts. But, you know, YOLO, I’m gonna see her anyway. (I’m so lame for saying YOLO.)

Oh, and if you want to catch up with me on my Back To School series, just Click Me! I’m gonna post back to school DIYs, routines, tutorials, hauls and other stuff on my beauty blog!

I shall see you (or feel you, if you want me to be literal), in the next blog post. Till then, you can like this and make my day, comment and make my week, and subscribe to make my 2015 amazing!

Love ya all!


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