…On his birthday… (A gift to Prophet Muhammad)

Assalam o alaikum, lovelies, and welcome back to my blog! First of all, I want to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Eid Milad-un-Nabi if you’re a believer, and if you’re not, I wish you a very happy New Year, and thank you for visiting my blog and reading this article about our beloved Prophet.

It’s that time of the Islamic year again! 12th Rabi-ul-Awwal, the birthday of our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). This month is celebrated by every Muslim on the face of Earth. We pray and pay our regards to the most amazing person ever born. Colorful dresses are worn, houses are decorated, and we pray to see and visit his shrine some day.

Hazrat Muhammad, the holy prophet was the most giving, polite and amazing person ever. He never asked, “Why?” and gave whatever people asked for. Such a big heart. Nowadays, if a person asks for something, we give it to him once, twice, but the third time we usually say that he’s habitual of begging and let’s not make him more. But prophet Muhammad never said no to anyone. He was the most generous person anyone knew. God gave him the title of rahmatul lil alameen (Meaning, Mercy Unto The Worlds). He was a mercy for every world known. His own enemies used to call him Saadiq. (Meaning, Honest.)

Prophet Muhammad taught people to respect others, and to receive education, both Islamic and Scientific. Now a days, people say that religion and Science are two different things. I beg to differ. Science was the invention of Muslims. Quran Majeed (Our Holy Book) has more scientific facts than Einstein’s biography. And that’s a worldwide known fact. If people say that one doesn’t believe in religion once he believes in Science, I say, “No. Science is made by God. Wow! God is so thoughtful. Our opinions can’t overcome his facts.” Because, let’s face it, Science is sculptured by God so artistically, our minds can’t seem to accept it.

The Holy Prophet fought against the Devil, not by a sword, but by education. He says so himself, “One learned man is harder on the devil than a thousand ignorant worshipers (of Allah).” He always taught us to receive education. It is a must for Muslim men and women, because of him, to receive education till the day of death. He, by all means, preferred education, as he said so himself, “The ink of the scholar is more holy than the blood of the martyr.”

People say, that women are degraded in this religion. I beg to differ here too. The religion Islam gives more rights to a woman. So, what if they’re not in this world. Is flaunting sexuality a sense of freedom? Or is it a man dominated world if you’re flaunting it for them? Many feminists say that Women are not for kitchen, they’re right. It’s a must for a man, in Islam, to take care of his wife at any cost and help her through her chores. Is working a job freedom? I think being taken care of by a man is happiness. I think being someone’s pride is peace. I think being covered from the world and exposed to the man you love is the best feeling ever, because of the trust it builds. I think Islam has given me more rights than this world will ever give.

Prophet Muhammad says, “I and a woman whose color and cheeks shall have become black from toiling in the sun shall be near to one another in the next world as my two fingers; and that is a handsome widow, whose color and cheeks shall have become black in bringing up her family.” So the Muslim women who are disheartened for some reason that Islam gives them no right, actually, Islam has some rules for the betterment of our own lives. If we follow those rules, our life here will be better and our life there will be better. We are respected, women, we should be proud and not spread hatred. Let’s spread love — this a message to all Muslims reading this article.

And to all those who insult our holy Prophet, I just want to say, that doing that is so low. I mean, saying bad about someone’s parents is scooping low, and Muslims love the holy prophet more than their parents, so that’s just not appropriate to hurt Muslims like that by insulting our holy prophet, because he was a blessing to mankind, he taught us manners. Not just Muslims, but to the whole world. So, to everyone who insults our prophet, I just wanna ask, what did he do to you? Because what you do is low. So low!

But anyway…

Last, but not least, everyone, a very happy Eid milad un nabi! Welcome him and make him proud, not by what you believe, but by how well you know him, respect him, and follow him. And you’ll realize just how much he loves you back.


There are so many beautiful things to say about my Prophet Muhammad. Our lives may end writing about it, but his excellency may never end.

Marhaba! Take care, lovelies! Spread love!

hadith of mercy


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