Smile For The Camera (BOOK SPOTLIGHT) — Wattpad Edition.

What a start! Chapter one gripped me right into the humorous tale of Mr. Donald, a senior, arguing with the principal Mr. Cummings (or C-Money) and once out after being threatened to repeat the senior year if he didn’t behave, Mr. Donald (or Donnie) encounters a boring looking girl, but feisty, who turns into his new challenge!

Get it? Want me to break it down for you? I wouldn’t! Read the book. It’s absolutely free, humorous, free, amazing, oh, and did I mention it’s free?

Ladies and gentlemen, Smile For The Camera by Z. Q. Williams! Make sure you let her know what you think about her book!

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Check out the previous spotlight. Promoting A Model! Till then, take care, love you all, and stay tuned for our next up beat post of Dear Mona. Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure you check out my Beauty Blog!

Wow! So many links. But, your support makes me smile, so that’s that. And I love, love, love you all so much! Take Care!

Munazza Bangash!


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