2014 Catch Up! Fav blog, fav posts, stats and much more!

Desirable Purity was started in 2013. That year ended with 370 views, 165 visitors, 12 likes and 5 comments at the total. But, as the time passed, I saw that in 2014, Desirable Purity has grown so much. Of course, not to the level of fame, but it’s enough, you know? It isn’t about the audience anymore, it’s about getting my voice out there and being sure that someone somewhere is out there listening to me. So that’s that Let’s get on with the 2014 Catch Up, shall we?

Views, Likes, Comments and followers!

In 2014, Desirable Purity hit from 370 views to 3,696! And that’s something for me. I’ve got 241 likes this year, and 83 comments! Recently, I have 155 followers, and I think I’m totally happy with that because 155 is a great number for me, and I thank each and everyone of you out there who stayed there, reading, liking, supporting. I love you guys so much. You give me a reason to continue! ❤

70 posts are published on this site this year. Wow, how much did I write? 😀

I also introduced a beauty blog so if you wanna visit, click me!

Top Posts this year!

My Favorite Post This Year!

Okay, so what if my favorite post wasn’t the most popular, I still wrote it with all the love and hard work and so I love it, and want to share it with you guys.

Five Tips to the Best Interview Ever!

This is my most favorite post of this year. Believe m, I had many to choose from because all are my babies, but I think this is probably the one I’ve worked most on! So that’s that.

My Top commentator!

Non other than our beloved Dudette’s Talk. She’s a Beauty Blogger. If you aren’t following her already, go on and do that! And thanks to Umaima, for being my top Commentator! ❤

My Most Favorite Blog This Year!

The awards goes to non other than my ever favorite, Shannon A. Thompson!

I love this blog forever because it’s so inspirational, and so full of information, fun and it’s just awesome. So, that’s my favorite blog of the year.

I guess, guys, that’s about it! Make sure you “like”, “comment” and “Subscribe” because that always makes smile! 🙂

Till then, take care ❤



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