December Awards! Fav book, author, blog, movie, website and much more!

Hello, peeps and welcome back to my blog! Well, 2015 is around the corner. Wow! Is it just me or did 2014 fled? Life is moving so fast…so hard catch up… But, enough with the sentiments, let’s discuss our December Favorites and award some no-livings!  I might also review the following… Cool?

Novel of the Month:
Book Thief by Markus Zusak 

Actually, I’m a slow reader, so this book will still probably be in my January favorites, so don’t hold your breath. Just kidding! But, truth be told, I just started reading this book, and I like it. So, let’s hope I finish it soon and review it for you guys! So, that’s that. Make sure you share your favorite book with us.

Author of the Month:
Rachel Aukes

I discovered this author just recently due to my massive ebooks giveaway this new year. (Btw, if you want to enter the giveaway and want to win a free ebook, make sure to enter HERE!) So, that’s that. About Rachel Aukes, I might get a chance to read her book 100 Days in Deadland, and will soon review it for you, so keep your heads up.

Movie of the Month:
The Conjuring 

The scariest, most amazing movie I’ve ever watched. O. M. G. It was effing awesome! Had me up for an extra hour in the night, and that’s saying something. Btw, Mackenzie Foy was looking gorgeous! That being said, best movie ever! So if you haven’t watched it yet, go! Go! Go!

Website of the Month:

This is such a cute website! You turn an animated GIF into a printable flip-book. So cool! I haven’t really used it, though, but I will…once I get a printer. Lame, right? I know.

Blog of the Month:
Psychologist Mimi

This blog is in the spotlight this month. Why? Because of all the useful posts and articles this blog provides. I recommend this blog to anyone and everyone out there.

My Favorite December Post:
Five Tips to the Best Interview Ever

I have worked really hard on this blog post. It is my favorite because it’s all mine, nothing copied, no classes. I worked for it and put together these tips for you guys through my experiences so that your interviews can be the best, too! So make sure you drop a comment, because that always makes me smile. 🙂

Hobby of the Month:

If you know me, you should know that I’m extremely moody. Like, “un-keep-up-ing” type. No one can keep up with me. I get different mood swings that go for a while and make me want to do something, like sing, dance, act, draw, stuff. Yes! God! I said Unkeepuping! Get over it!

So, this month, Munazza is obsessed with DIY! Guess, what I did, though? I got my mom’s spare dress that she doesn’t wear anymore, and my old flip flops. I wrapped the strips around my shoes, and stitched a stone at the top. It looked so cool, trust me. But, me being myself, I ruined it. Eh!

Do you want a tutorial? I might do it on my My Beauty Blog, along with a December Awards including everything Beauty! So…make sure you visit me there.

What else? Drop your comments below and let me know what I missed and what I should add for January Favorites. Make sure you “Like” and “subscribe” because that always makes smile!

Till then, take care, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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