Uni Life # Guess who nailed the KU admissions?

Shmurrr, I’m awesome! — there, I said it.

Guess, who nailed the KU admissions? I, me and myself!

Seriously! I nailed it, and I’m happy dancing right now.

(You don’t know what I’m talking about, do you? Check out the first post of my Uni Life series where I’d be telling you how I survive my four years in the university!)

Let’s get to it.

So, if you’ve read my first post, you probably know all about the admission chaos, and you must know that I was in the process of filling in the forms and all that shmurrr.

So, guess what? I got admission in Entry Test Based (english) AND, and, and, I also got admission in Open Merit (Psychology)! So, what should I do? Psychology of course! Like I said.

Why am I rambling? Because I’m effing happy, dude!

Today’s Lesson:
Have a good authority-whatever person at your side before entering the university.

‘Cause, guess what happened? I applied for Psychology as you all know. The closing percentage was 59.something, and I got 72.something%

So, I gotta ask. Why the eff did I not get admission in Psychology? And why the eff was I dropped in Sociology?

Confused? Follow me through this.

The admission committee, oh so nicely, dropped me in Sociology, whereas I clearly applied for Psychology. (It’s getting annoying.)

So I went to university (AGAIN), and I had a family friend as a professor there. Ya’ll know what happened after that! I got some special treatment and the committee gladly apologized for their mistake and NOW I got admission, oh yeah! Oh, yeah!

Come on, everyone congratulate me!

This post was to update you about my cute little life. Stick around to get to know what dramas I go through in the future! Oh, and stay tuned for upcoming posts about “What’s in my School Bag” and “Back to School Haul”. Oh yeah!

Btw, I might start a Beauty blog…HE HE HE! I’m a girl, after all 😉

Also, enter our massive ebook giveaway this new year 🙂 Easy to apply. So, go on.

Dear Mona is coming your way, too, so make sure you stick around for that. 😉

Till then, do whatever you wanna do 😉

That is a wrap!



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