Introducing…A beauty blog?

Did you expect this from me? Me? Munazza Bangash? A beauty blog? Well, I’m full of surprises, aren’t I? *Winks*

See, the thing is that I’m crazy about make up and beauty and all that shmurr, and I’m not even kidding. I love everything related to beauty. Fashion (My own), DIY’s, decors, tutorials, make up, everything! So, I thought, “What the hell? Why not start a beauty blog and let the world know that I’m not that tomboy anymore!” I’m no expert, though, like some of my friends, especially Umaima from Dudette’s talk. (Make sure to check out her blog!)

So, here I am with my own  beauty blog, which hopefully will be a success. (And by success I mean, I’ll be able to give it as much time as I give to this blog.)

So, if you want to visit my beauty blog, click the pic below, or click me!


Before proceeding to my additional blog, make sure to check out the following amazing beauty bloggers, because they inspired me to start my own! 🙂

Dudette’s Talk

She Corner

Joanna Loves

Makeup Morsels

Nicole’s Beauty Blog

Olivia’s Teen Beauty Blog

And a lot more! ❤

So make sure you check out my blog and all the above, and make my day!

Till then, do whatever you wanna do! 😉


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