Santa’s Interview! RESULTS!


*Drum roll*

I will not waste any more time, but I must refresh the memories. Everyone, this blog held a Christmas competition this year. The contestants had to create a Santa, and interview him.

So, here are the results! Many entered this giveaway. Oh, the variety of Santa(s) I encountered, and oh, how their  minds work. I’m impressed! Like, hell, I am!

The Winner For This Competition Is:

*Drum roll*

Lexie — from Wattpad. — The interview! Okay, I don’t know why I liked her interview. Honestly, it was pretty disturbing… but the fact that a writer can have that affect on his/her readers, is always amazing to see. The way her words made me feel…I’m unable to express. It made me feel bad, and not jolly at all…but the fact that at the back of my mind, I knew that whatever she wrote was true… It is a bloody world…and true happiness is nowhere to be found…

And… And… And…

The runner up would probably be:

*Drum roll*

Srenethe — from Wattpad — The interview! Why? Because it’s Taylor Lautner! Dude, that finishes the argument. *Winks* Seriously, though, it was really a refreshing entry. It was, also, the first one. 🙂


1. You get a whole new blog post dedicated to you, promoting you and your blog/novel or whatever you want.

2. You get a new follower (if you’re on WordPress, Wattpad or Twitter).

3. You get likes on your last five chapters of selected stories.

Runner up will get a new follower and likes on his/her last three chapters of selected book, as well.

Which are done!

So, everyone, keep an eye out for future interview to share your talent and find new friends and fans! 🙂


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