Massive EBOOKS Giveaway! (Update!) APPLY HERE!


This new year on Desirable Purity, get a chance to win free ebook by one of your favorite authors!

Books and Authors:

We have seven amazing authors donating their ebooks for this giveaway, and fifteen ebooks at the total! *Cheers* Look below to visit the author pages on Amazon. Scroll down to find the easy procedure to enter this massive giveaway.

Showcase of these amazing books will be up soon! 🙂


ஐ Charles E. Yallowtiz with three of his publications. ஐ

Legends of Windemere! 

– Book #1: Beginning of a Hero

– Book #2: Prodigy of Rainbow Tower

– Book #3: Allure of the Gypsies


ஐ Shannon A. Thompson with two of her publications. ஐ

– Minutes Before Sunset, from Timely Death Trilogy.

– Take Me Tomorrow!


ஐ Serenity Valle with one of her publications. ஐ

– Fantastical Life of Serenity: Epilogue


ஐ Victoria Perkins with SIX of her publications! ஐ

– The Dragon Three

– Three Two One

– This Week and Idle Theme

– My Immortal, ‘m Cara

– The Last Summer

– Reeve’s Island


Amber Skye Forbes with one of her publications. ஐ

– When Stars Die


Rachel Aukes with one of her publications. ஐ

– 100 Days in Deadland


Sibylla Nash with one of her publications. ஐ

– Bumped

How To Enter:

There are two ways to enter this giveaway. One, here, on WordPress. Two, from this Facebook Page. (Visit the Facebook page to find out how to enter through Facebook. You may enter twice [once here, once on Facebook] to increase your chances of winning).

If you’re entering from WordPress, JUST RE-BLOG THIS ON YOUR WORDPRESS! Easy peasy! Oh, and don’t forget to “like” it. And DONE!

…and viola! Easy steps to winning the most amazing ebooks this new year!


Results: 31st December!

You waiting for something? Come on, enter this giveaway and make sure to let your friends know about this massive giveaway, too!

Go! Go! Go! 



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