Update: FREE EBOOKS GIVEAWAY -Dear mona – AND – Christmas competition!

Just a quick update about what’s happening this new year on Desirable Purity, and it’s a gift to all of you by your favorite authors! Yes, ebooks giveaway! So far, we have more than ten books to give out. Soon, the official post for the giveaway will be updated, along with the showcase of the books donated by the amazing authors!

All you gotta do is to keep an eye out for us and get to know the right way to enter this giveaway. Many lucky winners will receive their chosen and desired copies of ebooks by their favorite authors for free!

Want more information on it? Comment with your question, below!

So, you dear questioners, Dear Mona’s first episode will be up soon. If you don’t know what Dear Mona is, Click me!

It’s basically an attempt to bring a smile to your face 🙂

Stay tuned for a brand new episode of “Dear Mona”. If you want your question to be added to the first episode, comment below or tweet me! You may also comment and ask me on the respected post.

Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

So, all you competitors, get ready and keep your entries coming because the fight is hard and people are struggling to get the first position! Get a chance to win amazing prizes this Christmas.

It’s Christmas competition! Wanna know more about this? Click me!

Any questions?


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