Five Tips to the Best Interview Ever!

See, I’m no expert. I haven’t taken a thousand of different interviews, and I, certainly, have not worked for a magazine. But, then why is, that whenever I take an interview from a well known author, they always private message me with the words, “Your interview was very refreshing!” or “Such a different and upbeat interview! Better than my lasts.” And why do my readers seem to enjoy the interviews I take? There must be something in there that is good. What am I doing right?

So, basically, to answer all these questions for you guys, and to break it down for you all, I’m here to demonstrate the five easy tips to the best interview ever! Follow me through this post, and if you like it, make sure to…well…”like” it.

Following are the five easy peasy, lemon squeezy tips for you to be the most original interviewer ever!

Here we go!

1. Know what you’re doing.

Make sure you know what you’re doing. Why are you taking an interview of the person? Are you his fan? Do you want more fans? What the hell is your problem?

Just kidding! I love you guys.

Seriously though. Do you even know why you’re doing it? Why are you wasting your time? Following can be the reasons.

You love doing it. You love taking an interview and getting to know about people. Good, that’s a good thing. If you know that, then the interview will be easy for you.

The person being interviewed is a good influence to your readers. Well, it’s a good thing to think about the benefit of your readers. But make sure, it’s well informative.

You don’t have a new blog post idea. *Sighs* We’ve all been there. The good news is that it does get better and the inspiration comes flooding to your mind, so worry not and never quit. Oh, and about that interview. Go on!

You want more fans. Even if that’s the reason to take an interview, make sure it’s not boring. If it’s fun and upbeat, everyone is going to like it.

So, understand what you’re doing and it will be a lot easier and way better. Trust me with this.

2. Prepare

Do you even know who you’re interviewing? Or did you just see the number of followers he/she has? Yes. Don’t pretend like you don’t do it. Prepare before you start the interview. No, I’m not talking about writing the questions beforehand. You have to do that anyway. I’m talking about you taking a day or two to actually get to know the person you’re harassing with your questions!

Know your victim. If you know and have an insight of the person you’re interviewing, believe me, it will be much easier for you to come up with great questions and much fun for the person being interviewed. Your quickfire questions won’t be boring and repeated. They would somehow be related to the person and his/her personal life, and they’d be surprised at how much you know about them.

For example, which of the following is better?

1. “What your favorite desert?”

2. “Besides red velvet cupcakes, what is your favorite desert?”


1. “What’s you up and coming beauty product review?”

2. “After reviewing Mac, Laura Geller, Max Factor, L’Oreal Paris, your fans want to know what your next favorite beauty product would be!”

See the difference?

So, work. Find out about the person you’re inviting to interview. There are a few ways to do that.

1. Read as much of his/her previous interviews as you can. This makes up for the “Never before asked questions”. So, go on, and read his/her interviews.

2. It’s a new world. Go check out his/her Facebook and latest statuses to know what’s on his/her mind. Check out her twitter to know what’s happening. (See, what I did there?)

3. Bio is a blessing. Read her bio. All of them. (Not Biology. Biography.)

4.  Instagram! Use his/her pictures from instagram or Facebook to create and ask creative questions. Aka, Ellen style! But make sure they aren’t offensive.

5. His/Her blog is your biggest weapon. Read many blog posts and check if he/she traveled somewhere, big events, or whatever the hell is happening.

You get the drift.

Shut up. (Just kidding, I love you guys.)

3. Tell me something I don’t know.

(I swear, I heard a bitch voice saying that.) Anyway,

You have better things to talk about. Don’t repeat the questions the person has already answered. What’s the fun in answering the same questions over and over and over again? Stop asking them, “How did you start writing?” – “Who is your inspiration?” – “Say something to your fans.” Stop it!

Please, be original. Blow their minds. Say things that no one else have.

Actually, this step is a lot easier if you’re done with step 2. The questions will come flooding, and you’d, actually, be confused at which question to choose and which to get rid of. Which brings me to an additional tip: Don’t ask more than fifteen questions, or you’ll get one word answers.

Do you do that? Do you ask plenty of questions?

4. Seriously, Stop This Ish.

Stop pleasing your readers, please the victim and your readers will automatically be pleased.

Hey, I said everything in that one sentence.

*Crickets chirping*

I’m effing Awesome!

You get the drift, though. Stop making up questions that you think your readers will like. Make up questions that you think the person will like who is on the hot seat. Believe me, please that person, thank me later.

5. Be Professional.

Yep, exactly like that. Being professional doesn’t mean you have to be serious. Being professional means you know what you’re doing. So, follow the following tips:

Mutual understanding is good. You don’t like an answer, ask them to say something else and cut the first part. If they are not comfortable with something or a question, remove it! If you think he’s not answering well, get another date to conduct the interview, they’re probably tired, or just not in the mood. Respect is the key.

Also, another step to a professional interview is this: Please, focus on your grammar, spellings and punctuation. It’s very annoying to to not understand what you’re saying, and trying to answer it correctly.

Don’t ask TOO personal questions. They’re unnecessary and childish. #Experience.

Use better words. Instead of, “Let’s go!” say, “Shall we proceed?” I’m not saying not to be upbeat, just don’t be childish, and, certainly, don’t act like it’s your first interview, even if it is. Don’t show your excitement. Please, don’t show your excitement like a seven year old.

You’re awesome, I know that. A bit grooming and, viola!

And that’s it! Hope these tips help you. If they do, make sure to “like” this post. For more posts like these “Follow” me, because that always makes me happy.

Also, share the interview you took after reading this, below in the comment! I will check it out for sure.

And share this post with your friends and family so that more people may benefit from it.

Oh, and btw,


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