Dear Mona! The Grand Opening

girl-drawingHello, peeps! Wuddup?

I’m here with my new segment: Dear Mona! Did I hear cheering? Nah probably not. Because your questions are going to be answered by someone who can’t solve her own problems. *Ting!*

Relationship advice! Boys! Girls! School! Friends! Social life! Psychology! Truths! Dares! Whatever your topic is, I’m here to make fun of you and myself…uh, I mean, I’m here to answer your dearest questions, dear… LOL, who am I kidding? Probably my self. But…I do assure you that you’d have a good laugh. *Wink*

All in all, you may ask me any questions, give me dares, and whatever stupid things you guys wanna do to me…I’m at your mercy.

A few examples, shall we?

Dear Mona, can you do the back flips?

Sure! There you go.

Dear Mona, I have a question. My boyfriend makes fun of me. What should I do?

Do exactly what this person did. Effing Gold!

Dear Mona, my socks smell so bad. What do I do?

Use them to kidnap people. You wouldn’t need chloroform. *Thumbs up*



To ask me questions or give me dares or if you wanna politely request for me to do something stupid, follow the following techniques to your comfort.

1. Tweet me! @DesirablePurity with the hash tag: #DearMona

2. Email me! with you subject, “Dear Mona”.

3. Post it on my Facebook page with the hastag: #DearMona

4. Comment Below!

Last but not least, stay tuned for the first episode of Dear Mona. Andclick the LIKE button because it always brings a smile to my face.

Love you all.


4 thoughts on “Dear Mona! The Grand Opening

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