Christmas Competition: Santa’s Interview!

Jingle all the way! Christmas is around the corner, and I thought this blog should have something good this year. So I banged my head hard against the wall for an hour…just kidding…it popped into my head, I’m awesome…so, an idea came to me which you can easily read in the title!

Christmas Competition… Yay!

So, all you beautiful writers/bloggers, pick up your pens (or keyboards) and start pouring your hearts out!



Santa’s interview! Yes, you have a Santa to create and then to take an interview of. So, read below to know more about this competition and become the winner of it. It’s really easy! I know you have what it takes.


1. You may ask “him” ten questions only, no more, no less.

2. Take your time and write a paragraph before the interview to let us know what your Santa is like. Is he a happy Santa, sad, wasted, nice, evil or rude? Anything your want him to be. More than three lines can earn you BONUS points. Be creative.

3. Answer the questions yourself, using your brain to the extent of your abilities and wonder what your created Santa would answer them like.

4. The writer of the best interview will be the winner! Make it funny, moral giving, inspiring, cute, make it the best you can.

5. Deadline: 24th December.

6. One more thing, mention somewhere in your post that it has been written for ‘Desirable Purity, Christmas Competition’. Also, make sure to add a link to this post in your interview so that we get notified immediately.


1. You get a whole new blog post dedicated to you, promoting you and your blog/novel or whatever you want.

2. You get a new follower (if you’re on WordPress, Wattpad or Twitter).

3. You get likes on your last five blog posts/ stories or whatever your want.

Runner up should not be disheartened. He/she will get a new follower and likes on his/her last three blog posts or whatever he wants, as well.

How to submit:

Read the rules thoroughly before anything.

For WordPress: Post the interview on your blog with these tags: Christmas competition, Santa’a interview and Desirable Purity. Failed to use these three tags, and the post will not get my attention. Add a link to this post in your entry.

For Wattpad: Post the interview on your page with these tags: Christmas competition, Santa’a interview and Desirable PurityFailed to use these three tags, and the entry will not get my attention. Add a link to this post as ‘external link’.

For all you other folks: Post your entry on Titan Pad and send me the link through either my Twitter, down here or email me at
You must add your real name, email and your site (through which we can contact and promote you). Make sure to add these tags somewhere: Christmas competition, Santa’a interview and Desirable PurityFailed to use these three tags, and the entry will not get my attention.

Last, but not least, share this as much as you can to be able to compete with your friends! Also, if you’re going to participate, make sure to “Like” this post.

Judges will be announced soon!

And your time starts now!



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