Uni Life # The Admission Chaos

Hey, everybody, what’s up? Except for the sky…

*Crickets chirping.*


Anyway… What’s popping, peeps? Except for the popcorn…

Y’all wanna murder me, don’t you?

So everyone let’s get on with life, or in my case, the university. So, guess what? I’m nineteen. Obviously! So, it’s kinda time to get admission in the great university. I’d like to major in Psychology…who wouldn’t?

So, like every normal student, I try to apply to this university everyone is applying to, because, YOLO. No, I’m serious. Nobody joins uni for educational purposes these days… Nah.

My uncle does me a favor and brings me the form and prospectus. So, I get my prospectus for PKR 2000. Like, seriously? That’s too bloody expensive for a book that has your institution’s introduction in it. Like, Y U do this 2 me?

So anyway, I get that along with my form. There are three ways of getting admission in the university I’m applying to. Yes, there is only one university I’m applying to because I’m way too over confident to begin with. Sue me.

Way no. 1: open merit. You get admission based on the percentage you got in inter examination. I got 73% in the Faculty of Arts/Humanities, aka, FA (yeah, whatever).

Way no. 2: entry test based. You get judged by a couple of jerk teachers on the last percentage and the free exam you give to this uni.

Way no. 3: buy the bloody seat. But ain’t no one got money for that. It’s, like, for PKR 3,00,000. Shmurrrr!

So, way no. 3 is naturally out of the way. In my prospectus 2015, I got to know that there are no effing seats for entry test based for Psychology. So you either get good marks in inter, or you get good marks in inter. Are you effing serious? So I’m just standing there, staring at my form that I got for 2000 rs, and I know that I don’t need it because it’s entry test based form and I have to fill the open merit. Ain’t no one got the percentage for that, either!

But, like a good effing girl, I go to the silver jubilee gate of this uni and I try to find the counter giving out the forms which takes up to about 20 minutes, because I’m lost in the crowd of political monkeys! They’re everywhere. And then there are couples at every corner of the ground. I found that situation funny and annoying at the same time. It was effing confusing! You dating while struggling to get admission? Like, seriously dude? Effing, seriously!

So, after some struggle, I find this counter and wait in the long line, listening to the conversations of these girls before and after me, which is all about how they have no effing clue about no effing anything. And I’m just standing there, screaming in my head, “Welcome to the club.”

So finally when my turn comes to talk to this overly bored, tired, but strict looking man through the jail bars (ain’t nobody is going to eat your face, mister), I ask him if I can get the open merit based forms. Note, that I have to buy the whole bloody prospectus again, this man tells me that I’d have to come back after fifteen days to get that bloody form.

So I turn around to my mom and say, “And we accomplished the goal to waste our whole day.”

So, I come home, and got to my cousin’s to get to know more about this admission stuff, and she gives me a list of things I’m yet to do. Like, what the shmurrr? I have more work to do? I’m lazy. I’m not going back to my college to get my provisional effing certificate! But, then I got reminded that my college has the most amazing chola chaat ever! (If you don’t know what a chola chaat is…go drown yourself. Just kidding! Comment below and ask me!)

So, I keep the list to myself and then my bestie calls me and says that I’m allowed to fill two forms if they’re different (Like, test based and open merit). So, I guess now I’m off to fill in the first form (Note, I have to give test. What the eff, I’m lazy. *Pouts*). So, since Test based doesn’t have Psychology, I’m applying for English Linguistics for test based, and Psychology for open merit. So, I hope I get admission in both of them and get to say, “Shmurrrr, I’m awesome!”. Of course, if that happens, I’m going to go for Psychology.

Wish me luck!

Now you can all kill me for making you read this for absolutely nothing. But, you will get to know more in the upcoming updates of this series of “How I Survive My University”. You love it, don’t you? Eh? Eh?

But, I thought, “What the hell?” Let’s tell the world about my messed up life, eh? Everybody loves a messed up life story.

Thumbs up if you want to know how I survive the four years of university by getting to know the exciting days I spend there. (If I get the bloody admission.) EFFING POLITICS. It’s everywhere.

And that, my love, is a wrap!



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