The Thing About Writer’s Block

How-to-Worm-Your-Way-Out-of-a-Writer’s-Block1So, yeah, you’ve now guessed perfectly why I was disappeared these days. (Let’s ignore the fact that I was hella busy with life! And that I was dead sick. Uh-huh! ’cause that’s not gonna work here, is it?)

So! Writer’s block… And not just any writer’s block but the one in which you get thousands of new ideas but you just can’t finish the original one, like the one you really, badly, desperately want to finish. Is it just me? Please tell me it isn’t just me… I’m begging you. No, seriously, I’m on my knees.

So, this book, Let it Fall (most of you know about it), I am in love with it (you know that too), but who isn’t in love with his first book? Writer or a reader both love that first serious book they either write or read that changes their lives. The thing with me is, I’m a writer, I have a book, I’m in love with it, it took me, like, two years to craft this thing (oh yeah, craft it! You heard me…uh, in your head). So, I want to say is that there is no reason in the world that I wouldn’t want to write this book. Like, I really want to…but I can’t.

The thing is that my mind is stuck in so many places at this time that I can’t put my head into this first draft that I’m writing. I have it outlined perfectly but I just can’t write it out. I feels so effing hard.

If I make no sense to you, you’d completely understand what I’m trying to make you understand. Understood?

All I really want is to write my book…

I will write my book.



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