Guest Post — Different Expression, Different Art.

Hello! This the second post from my Magazine not published series (LOL). This lovely chain of thoughts is by eliana skoulariki. Hope you all enjoy it.

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One of the most annoying thing someone has ever told me is, I am not good at art so I do not do it. Well, hold on and let me give you a piece of my mind about that. I think as people we have lost the meaning of why we use art. Art in all of its forms, is meant to be used so that you can express yourself. Whether someone else likes the way you use art is irrelevant. You do not have to want to be an artist. You can make art because you feel like it. And by the way, there are so many art forms out there, and telling that you are not good at any of them to me sounds silly. There is something out there for everyone, and art is one of the things that raw talent alone is not always enough. It takes practice and devotion and commitment. So, to me when you tell me that you are not good at art, is like telling me that you are not good at expressing yourself, and that is a problem. It is actually the problem our society suffers from. We have so many specialized people that forget to people first. Just because you might be a doctor, that does not mean that you are incapable of writing, or just because you are engineer it doesn’t mean that you cannot sing. In my 17 years of life, I can tell you I have tried so many different forms of art, some that stuck for a short period of time, some for longer and my mum thinks that because of that I am all over the place. What she does not understand is that different times, call for different means of expression and I am planning to always find a way to express myself, whether it be through writing, latin dancing, drawing or singing it matters not. What matters is that I enjoy and express myself. I suggest you try the same, try different forms of art, you might like one more than the others but every art has something to offer you and you have something to offer it and that is magical.


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