Promoting: a Model

Hello! So, this was the first post meant for the magazine. I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t know what this is about, here is an Update!

Btw, so what if there is no magazine, there still is my blog, if you’re a model, singer, dance or a person with any other talent, feel free to contact me at P.s, since I have my brother’s wedding next year in March and other necessities of life to get to, I’m looking for guest posts, too!

Hope you enjoy the following!


Model of
Niki van Blommestein

Nicola Van Blommestein, or Niki, as everyone calls her is elected as our model of the month, for she’s a talented, lovely lady.

Nicola was born in Cape Town South Africa blessed to grow up with the most amazing mountain views. Since a very young age, Niki had a massive love for fashion. As she says so herself:

❝I remember always wearing my grandmother’s stunning jewelry, dressing up, wearing heels and playing with makeup. It has always been such an art form to me!❞

She was scouted in a shopping mall when she was thirteen years-old, and moved to Pretoria when eighteen. Our stunning model of the month has done a lot of catalog, fashion runway shows, glamour/beauty/fitness/fashion modeling and promotional work. Now that deserves to be spotlight, doesn’t it?

She says to us,

❝In Johannesburg, it was a lot of fun and very busy. I remember thinking, “I’m being paid to do this?” a lot!❞

Niki moved to Australia when she was nineteen, and has since, modeled, worked with many amazing photographers, as she says, and creative like-minded people. Niki Van Blommestein is twenty-five now and only recently started concentrating on fashion and beauty blogging.

It beats us, but this wonderful model wants to stay behind the scenes now and concentrate on her styling and writing. She says:

❝I have a lot of experience in fashion from over the years now and love every single minute of blogging about it. ❞

Niki Van Blommestein is not only a model and beauty blogger, but also dabbles in art, drawing and painting. She says it is another creative outlet for her.

❝I always carry a sketchbook in my favorite jimmy choo handbag with me. You never know when something will inspire you, which happens to me a lot luckily! Even seeing a beautiful flower, the colors will inspire a new drawing or painting!❞

Our model is everything above and down to earth. Now that’s a combination! She is always about love and peace. She has time for anyone seeking advice or guidance, and, she says, she has never felt that she’s better than anyone regarding the line of work she’s in. We are all equal, she believes.

Niki loves clothing and makes sure each gorgeous piece that she has collected over years (never without a good pair of heels, either) gets enough attention and wear. “Every day is like a runway show for me, often seen changing my outfit 3-4 times a day.”

Her style is feminine and classy, with an edge. Her poses show that off. Niki has a lovely smile as everyone can see in the grid below, and we loved her being in this month’s spotlight.

She says to everyone reading:

❝This life is so very short, and I want everyone to reach for their dreams and live the life they choose and be happy. Work hard with a smile, you can do anything just follow your heart. Learn from the negative and live off the positive. Style should come from within, it should shine through. How stunning it is for me seeing girls embrace their own personal taste/style and holding their heads high. That to me is so very beautiful! We only have one life, take time to reflect on the beauty around you and what it is you really need to be doing and what would make you feel happiest. Enjoy it to the fullest it is an adventure. ❞

You can easily reach her at her Blog, where her posts will inspire you. It is all about positivity and no drama, as she says, ever. More of her modeling pics and daily living, you can see on her Instagram page. Make sure to let her know that she’s got what it takes!


Are you a model, singer, actor, dancer? Want to be in the spotlight for next post in “Promoting”? Email us at:

Credit for pictures: Niki Van Blommestein.
Layout by: Munazza Bangash


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