Yes. Yes. Yes. I’m a selfish and ignorant bitch, but I’m also sorry. Disappeared from here. Didn’t put on my first issue. Nope, I’m not back, I’m doomed! I’m so sorry, guys… Here’s my excuse: I’ve been working on Let It Fall. Yes, not a very good excuse, but if you’re an author, you must know how hard work it really is to write that perfect book, and if you’re a reader, just know this: easy reading is a damn hard writing.Oh wait, I have another excuse: Family. Yes, I love my family, and I don’t miss any happiness, trips or get-togethers that involve my family and I. So, here’s what I’ve been up to: My mom’s first cousin got engaged (I had a lot of things to worry about. Hey, I’m a girl, I have dresses to choose from and look my best. Come on!), and we danced (I had to practice for that, too, cause we roll like that!), so that’s that.

My maternal cousin is here so I’m trying to make her feel home, and come on, she’s my friend staying with me for a month or two, it would damn rude if I just ignore her… Yeah? Yeah!

Guess what? My brother’s getting married! March 2015. Now you can finally forgive me. No, seriously; who’s not happy when her brother is getting married? It’s the best feeling ever. And being a Pakistani and a PATHAN, you have no idea how many things we need done before the actual marriage. We have so many parties and get togethers, it’s over whelming. But, I’m so very excited that I can’t even start to explain it.

That being said, let me just say how hard it is to really run a magazine, so I assumed I’d rather work on my novel for now. Yeah? But since a few people sent me their articles, I wish to post them to you guys while I work out my family stuff. That would just be wrong if I don’t post their amazing articles.

I’m also accepting guest posts, so feel free to contact me at munazzabangash@hotmail.com. (I do not accept adverts.)

So, the coming few posts will be the articles meant for the magazine. I hope you enjoy them. There will come a series of my personal posts, too, and you probably will learn a lot about me. (No, not author’s confessions, but my personal life and thoughts and surroundings.) Hope to see you guys soon! 🙂



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