August 2014 — Upcoming first issue


Yes!Desirable Purity Magazine. New talent to be in spotlight. We have everything you need.

If you want to be a part of Desirable Purity magazine’s first issue, look below for the categories. If you want to take part in the August contest, keep an eye out to win a chance to be featured in the magazine. If you want to show your talent with us, feel free to email us at – Open till 30th August 2014 (Scroll down to see categories). If you want any of your work featured. Email us.



Following are the categories you can choose from to submit your article with us.

We’re always looking for Volunteers to work as our staff. Following positions are available.

  1. Editors: Supposed to be a grammar nazi. Knows what he/she is doing. Look through our chosen articles and edit them to perfection.
  2. Graphic designer: Skilled Graphic designers to design us pictures to go with the articles.
  3. Organizers: To organize a professional looking magazine page for each article.
  4. Publicity Agent: To publicize this Magazine.
  5. Upcoming, struggling models: To model for our monthly covers.
  6. Interviewer: To interview the people we ask them.


We have some fixed pages we’d like you to write an article for. As follows:

  1. Cook Book. (Original recipes)
  2. Celebrity Gossip.
  3. Girl Talk.
  4. Sports Column.
  5. Readers’ Corner (Book reviewer)
  6. Story time (Short Story)
  7. Shoot it Nice (Photography)
  8. Poet’s diary (Poetry)
  9. News
  11. Graphic Designing Tutorials
  12. Authors interviewed (Published Authors)
  13. Writing Tips
  14. So Random
  15. 10 things I hate about you (Rants)
  16. Movies
  17. Songs
  18. Seasonal tips
  19. Technology Today
  20. Kid’s Corner
  21. Jokes
  22. Philosophy
  23. Psychology
  24. Today’s Problems and How to solve them.
  25. New Talent. (Featuring talented youth)
  26. Relationship Advice

Looking For New Talent

We’re always looking for new faces to come forward and share their talent with us. If you want us to feature your works, kindly email us your article, video, audio, jpeg, or anything of that sort.

Following are the talents we feature. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to tell us.

  • Writers; essays, short stories, play. Anything.
  • Poets; poems, songs. Anything of the sort.
  • Singers: Share with your video or audio.
  • Dancer: Share with us your video.
  • Actor: A video.
  • Artist: Do you draw? Paint? Sketch? Share.
  • Musician: A video.
  • Fashion Designer: Share your collection.
  • Cook: Share your recipes. (Your own.)
  • Photographer: Share your photos.
  • Graphic Designer: Share your designs (with tutorials).


Feel free to fill the form below and email it to us at



Write a few lines about yourself:

Matter: (Must be original)

Picture to go along with it: (Must be high resolution.)

Tutorial/tips/information about what you presented:

Anything you’d like to say to your readers?


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